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There were flickers of rebellion as Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, and other power-crazed sociopathic governors declared Americans could not see their families for Thanksgiving. More than half reportedly dared to “mix households” and see their loved ones like normal human beings. The media establishment even had to remind people preparing to defy the executive order of the day that they were already supposed to be snubbing their relatives over different political beliefs, and thus disobeying the OMFGVIRUS order would be shooting themselves in the woke foot. Compounding the public shaming was Newsweek declaring the desire to break rules was positively correlated with support for Trump. It's too soon to tell if this mass civil disobedience represents the early signs of a wave of sanity sweeping the nation, or just a stubborn adherence to a rare, meaningful tradition, but it does give one a glimmer of hope - and that I'm thankful for </CHEESE>

But in all seriousness, we really should be screaming about KTDI and the insidious scumbaggery of these "no-mandate" mandates for a vaccine that hasn't even passed a perfunctory inspection (by bought and paid for agencies that are unlikely to draw any meaningful conclusions from even the most obvious data, but still). Unless you're planning to go native with the pod people. In which case, start practicing your blank stare, or better yet sign up for an icepick lobotomy (I've heard they're booked months in advance). 

November 16: Conspiracy fact; Big Tech to kill Orange Goose?; Godwin alert; DARPA derp

Trudeau speech name-checking the Great Reset forces many to realize it's no 'conspiracy theory'

**Big Tech may ban Trump post-inauguration, but how long will they last without their Two Minutes' Hate?

Alec 'plays Trump on SNL' Baldwin drags tired Trump=Hitler trope out of the closet with 'Nazi graveyard' quip

Twitter hires DARPA ex-hacker Mudge after massive celebrity-targeting hack

November 17: Pentagon can't manage its $; loathing Kamala is intersectional; Big Tech lies w/dogs, gets fleas

Pentagon fails 3rd audit in a row but promises books will be in order by 2027, really, we promise

**Just because the 'Manosphere' hates Kamala Harris doesn't mean we all shouldn't

**Twitter & Facebook destroyed 'bipartisanism,' but has that secured or destroyed their future?

November 18: Want sportsball get jab; Wikipedia less shameful than double-agenting; de Blasio hates your kids

UK dangles football matches in exchange for going full Orwell with vaccine certificates

Canadian border officer insists Wikipedia, not the FBI, led him to grill Huawei CFO about Iran

De Blasio shuts down NYC schools 'indefinitely' bc OMFGVIRUS despite .17% positive rate

November 19: Crystal ball or crystal meth; Impeach Gretch; patronizing patriots; antivaxxers are terrorists, even brain damaged! 

NYC gyms & indoor restaurants will close in 2-3 weeks despite no uptick in Covid-19 deaths, says de Blasio

MI Republicans demand impeachment of Gov. Whitmer over abuses of power

MS state reps balk at governor's 'Patriotic Education Fund' brainwash boondoggle

UK terror chief says 'anti-vaccine' beliefs should be criminalized

**UCSF neurologist says conspiracy believers are brain-damaged, boosting weaponization of psychiatry

November 20: 'Monetary heroin' meet withdrawal; Nintendo closes barn door post-horse; Hillary hilarity; Cuomo is a serial killer

**Mnuchin's proposed cuts to pandemic programs elicit shriek of agony from clueless economists

Nintendo bans politics in 'Animal Crossing'...after Biden campaign built its own propaganda island

Clinton accusing Trump of putting ego before country in least self-aware tweet ever

Cuomo threatens Americans in their 'safe spaces' in creepy pre-Thanksgiving fearporn tweet

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The criminalization of 'wrongthink' as predicted both here and in the work of many others is about to be realized, as the neoliberal centrist warmongers who together form the policymaking Voltron that will operate under the human shell of "Joe Biden" have made clear with their bloodthirsty rhetoric targeting Trump supporters over the past week. I can't support Trump after four years of "Making Israel Great Again," but I am also not stupid enough to think they will stop when the blood of the last Trump supporter is mopped up - already they're using the terminology of demonizing Trump supporters to smear the real Left (witness Off-Guardian being tagged by Facebook as "QAnon-related" despite Off-Guardian having literally nothing to do with that Israeli psyop). This must be stopped now, and if genuine liberals (the kind who value things like peace and freedom of speech) can't pull their heads out of their escapist fantasies long enough to realize they are #2 on these sociopaths' kill list I'm not sure what to tell them other than "look at what happened with Obama." The invariable response is to stick fingers in ears and shout "LALALA" or worse to deny history and pretend Bush-in-a-black-man-suit's two terms were a good thing for liberals when in fact the robust resistance to Bush's wars melted away into a complacent coma, never to arise again except for some fits and starts during Occupy (which was quickly coopted by the fake-liberals who proceeded to utterly decimate the Left with their idiotic identity politics crap) while Obama seized the power to hunt and kill American citizens on American soil without any more reason than "terrorism" (which, as his predecessor Bush made clear, could mean checking the wrong books out of a library).

(note: not my video)

Watching the OMFGVIRUS cultists in the streets of Manhattan shed their pathologies briefly last weekend only to celebrate the new foot in the boot stomping on their faces forever was edifying, further proof none of this (including the Stasiesque snitching and general Karen eruption) is about a virus but about control. Please read this if you haven't already (contact me for the full chapter, or better yet buy the book here).


November 9: Neocons declare war on wrongthink; vultures swoop in to alienate babies; Bolivia victorious

**Neolibs & neocons salivate in chorus as 'Trump accountability' opens door to ideological genocide

1 in 7 new moms barred from seeing babies as UK hospitals impose sadistic 'Covid-19 restrictions'

NY Times can't hide its butthurt as Morales embraced by Bolivians upon triumphant post-election return 

November 10: Biden's corona adviser would have loved Cuomo's nursing home policy; Brennan goes full conspiratard meltdown

Biden's coronavirus advisory panel features eugenicist oncologist behind Obamacare's 'death panels' 

Brennan frets over Trump declassifying everything after 'missing link' CIA goon implicated in Russiagate

November 11: Forget defunding; Ticketmaster & airlines join mass cull; insider traders close ranks; Gates gloats at takeover of G7 policy

UK man arrested after crashing car into Edmonton police station & attempting to torch road

Ticketmaster suggests proof of vaccine or negative OMFGVIRUS test will be prerequisite for show entry

Airline alliance calls to mothball lockdowns & bring on the health passports as profits crater

Pfizer insists (like Moderna before it) that CEO's big vaccine announcement payday is just coincidence

**BoJo invites Gates & 10 pharma CEOs for vaccine lovefest, affirming devotion to Gates takeover of UK policy 

November 12: Politician has spine; Dept of Injustice praises Epstein deal; politician lacks spine; Facebook meddles in election; Gates gibbers & squeals

Mississippi gov vows to fight Biden's promised national lockdown

Justice Dept exonerates Acosta over Epstein's 2008 sweetheart deal, deeming it mere 'poor judgment'

Quiet or you'll kill someone! Minnesota gov admits new rules sound killjoy, declares them anyway

Zuckerberg tells Facebook it's 'clear' Biden won election - but no meddling here!

Gates Foundation pours another $70m into vaccine bonanza as Pfizer declares itself winner

November 13: Another lawsuit for Amazon; woof woof die; Reds under beds syndrome; moar Israeli psyops; dude where's my Kraken?

Fired Amazon strike leader sues megacorp for racial discrimination

Tyndall AFB deploys robot 'dogs' to patrol base, because they've never seen Black Mirror

**Unreconstructed Russiagater declares right-wing Twitter competitor Parler to be Kremlin op

Al-Qaeda VP supposedly killed by Israel 3 months ago - yet no one spoke up until now?

Michael Flynn lawyer vows to 'release the Kraken,' claiming evidence of massive voter fraud

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The outcome of 'Corpse vs Buffoon' (credit where it's due) remains up in the air, though the media have almost unanimously called it for Corpse even as recounts and lawsuits breed like rabbits to occupy the minds of the Trump faithful. In the Greatest Democracy in the World™, we are expected to believe a guy who couldn't get 20 people to attend a rally even before the OMFGVIRUS somehow got the most votes of any candidate ever in US history. Don't ask questions or you're marking yourself as a Russian Useful Idiot - perhaps literally so, as the 'Trump Accountability Project' (as if there has ever been any accountability anywhere near Washington DC) has declared in no uncertain terms that Trump's "enablers" - i.e. the people who voted for him as well as those on his payroll - will Never Work in This Town Again. You're kidding yourself if you think they won't move on to the insufficiently-Bidenthusiastic after they're done macerating the Trumpsters. Though given that the Trumpsters tend to be well-armed, the thought police might be biting off more than they can chew taking them on. No matter, they have drones and all kinds of nasty tricks to cut off people's water and electricity - not to mention Biden's promise to start throwing people in NZ-style quarncentration camps where an easily-forged Do Not Resuscitate order is all that stands between the inconvenient dissident and the landfill. 

I'm not trying to scare people, but reality sure is.

November 2: Meaningless polls hit new low; nothing to lose your head over; election meddling in progress

NYTimes ramps up divide-and-conquer frenzy with poll correlating first names with presidential picks

Pakistani girls' seminary stages mock beheading amid calls for Mohammed cartoon vengeance

Twitter rolls out warning labels for all election results from non-'official sources'...including one you've never heard of

November 3: New & improved Memory Hole; lockdown with feeling; buggying out; political performance art do's & don'ts

**Internet Archive accelerates transformation into memory hole with addition of dissent-shaming 'fact checks' to old pages

UK's lockdown 2.0 outlaws protests of 2 or more people - now that's something to protest

Amish Trump supporters take to the streets in buggies as PA votes

Lady Gaga stumps for Biden in PA with bizarre video aping Middle America stereotypes 

Kanye West tells the world he voted for 'someone I trust' -himself- in perhaps least surprising headline ever

November 4: Piggy Warbust & the Ballots from Mars; vote late & often; big bets on Blue

Giuliani takes aim at 'ballots from Mars' as Trump campaign files voter fraud lawsuits in swing states

Trump campaign sues over alleged mixing of late-postmarked absentee ballots in Georgia

USPS whistleblower says something's rotten in the state of Michigan

Australian sports betting site first to call election for Biden, paying $23 million to those who bet on Blue

November 5: Much ado about nothing; UK embraces totalitarianism; Facebook loves theft; Trump loves lawsuits

**Trump's ineffective presidency proves the role is merely a figurehead - does it matter who gets the job?

Gym owner arrested with massive police presence first day of UK Lockdown 2.0 after interview stating she'd refuse to close

Facebook stops 'Stop the Steal' organizing, deleting multiple Trump-supporting activist groups

Trump campaign sues Nevada as list of states accused of election fraud grows

November 6: Corpsetastic lovefest; convenient "glitch" #994; Venezuelan eyeroll; Russiagate? what Russiagate?

Pelosi praises 'president-elect Biden' as Trump campaign calls BS on Corpse shoo-in

Corpse fanboys dream about escorting Buffoon from White House as actual election remains up in air

Michigan county belatedly hands victory to Republican incumbent after 'glitch' flipped his seat

Beleaguered 'democracy' victim Maduro demands Washington stop forcing 'lessons in democracy' on world

**Social media couldn't ban questioning 'election integrity' if not for 4 years of doing just that with Russiagate

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Many of the 'predictions' or foreshadowings made here & in a few election-week videos have played out in the post-election disaster - from the destruction of ballots, to the establishment circling the wagons around Biden, to the ramp-up of divide-and-conquer rhetoric, to Wisconsin going blue under extremely dodgy circumstances, to magical ballots riding to the rescue like dead-tree cavalry with an ideological grudge. Not that these predictions required a rocket scientist to make - most watch the ruling class without rose-tinted binoculars will be able to see they're telegraphing their moves in such an exaggerated fashion it's almost confusinglTrump is presumably relieved that he didn't win but worried about being prosecuted by Kamala "lock 'em all up especially if they're black & poor but maybe we'll make an exception for the Bad Orange Man" Harris [longest nickname ever? I'm not even getting started...], while Biden is probably feeling a bit of dread in the pit of his stomach knowing his days are numbered before he sprouts an aneurysm, falls down the stairs, or develops a fast-acting cancer [as the country's own days are numbered before someone slips up & admits we're broke, so mired in debt our red ink is larger than that of most other countries put together, & that the suicidal lockdown plus four years of ruinous divide & conquer propaganda has utterly destroyed the soul of this nation - admittedly already on life support]. Whatever happens, this country is doomed, even if the media's self-fulfilling prophecies about post-election violence don't materialize (is there anything more ignominious than going to war with your neighbor over which ruling class pig did a better job of stealing your faux-democratic vote? srsly).

October 26: Conflict of interest 101; parents defend reality; dropout vs doctor; burn ballot burn

Amazon squirms onto Brexit policy panel to make financially remunerative deals for itself

Parents defend UK girls' school headmaster for historically-accurate lesson on Black History Month

Dropout sociopath Gates attacks credentialed doctor for not backing killer lockdown

Boston man arrested for ballot box arson - the second in a week

October 27: Billionaires 4 Biden; cocks 4 cops; punishment 4 pigs (but not for real crimes)

**Billionaires flock to Biden as candidate breaks spending records on election ads

Philippines police commander killed by fighting cock while breaking up sporting event

NYPD shows off double-standard by punishing Trump-supporting cop while Eric Garner's killer kept his job for years

October 28: 'Refrigerator axis' latest divide/conquer line; Biden victory will inflame woke tantrums; mask up stab down

NYTimes pours gas on politically divisive bonfire with inane "Trump vs Biden refrigerators" quiz

**A Biden win might temporarily silence BLM & other anti-Trump protesters, but it will make the issues they rail against worse

Chicago sisters stab security guard 27 times over 'mask up' request

October 29: TrumpBucks jacked; Nice throat-slitter nabbed; snitches get rewards UK edition

Wisconsin Republicans claim hackers stole $2.3 million from Trump campaign reelection account

Police capture Nice church knife attacker in hail of bullets after he slits throats of three

Merseyside police chastise Brits for disdaining snitches & not doing 'civic duty' in ratting out lockdown-violating neighbors

October 30: All about perspective; institutionalized child abuse; 'never again' my ass; too little too late

Trump brags about best GDP growth ever - after corona shutdown creates worst GDP drop ever

**Lockdowns & other Covid-19 rules are creating a generation of functionally-autistic, emotionally crippled children

Thuringia provincial PM smears anti-lockdown protesters as 'terrorists' plotting 'pogroms'

Jill Stein wins right to examine voting machine source code from 2016 - but too late to affect 2020

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The utter silence of the "antisemitism police" as Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo's mask-stormtroopers kick in doors in Jewish Brooklyn to disrupt small gatherings should make clear exactly what's going on. Overlay the map of how Brooklyn voted in 2016 with the map of Cuomo's lockdown zones. This is petty revenge from a simpering gorilla in nipple rings. Insult added to injury. To Jewish people who can't be persuaded for ideological reasons to side with Americans who object to their tax dollars being used to fight Israel's wars: do it for self-preservation! It's clear that if you're not manifestly a part of the elite, you are considered expendable (if you're reading this, you're probably considered expendable, unless you're the schmuck who spent the better part of a year taking my site down). The Octopus is not protecting your tribal compatriots in Brooklyn - do you honestly think it will protect you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's literally my job, so....


"First they came for the Holocaust deniers - and I did not speak up, because I was not a Holocaust denier (and seriously, find five so-called 'Holocaust deniers' who actually claim it didn't happen)

Then they came for the anti-vaxxers - and I did not speak up, because I was not an anti-vaxxer (and seriously, find five so-called 'anti-vaxxers' who actually believe other people shouldn't be allowed to vaccinate their kids)

Then they came for the 'conspiracy theorists' - and I did not speak up, because I was able to wriggle out of that label by reasoning it applied to anyone who spouted the official story

Then they came for the Jews - and I realized wait, we've heard this one before"

--found scrawled on a bathroom wall in the consciousness-recycling waiting room



To everyone else in New York - what the hell are you doing? Why are YOU not out in the streets burning masks? Half of you are unemployed now. What the hell else have you got to do? (To those asking me why am not doing same, I can't do it myself. My contact information is freely available on this site. If anyone wants to put together a demonstration, a real one that isn't some FBI-controlled shitshow like 90% of the "activism" that happens in New York, please contact me)


October 19: Chemical weapons fraudsters try their hand at unpersoning; death penalty hypocrisy glistens

OPCW founding director slams 'wall of silence' blocking 'extremely competent' Douma whistleblowers

**US set to federally execute first woman in years - but don't expect them to stop lecturing others for doing same 

October 20: Behind the beheading trendsetter; AI doesn't laugh; equal-opportunity brainwashing

Chechen refugee who killed Samuel Paty communicated with 'offended' parent of student on Whatsapp

Facebook doesn't get the joke as Babylon Bee demonetized over Monty Python joke

**Parents clutching pearls over PragerU 'for schools' forget left crazies already did the same

October 21: Sad pig oinks; [Mos]sad pig exposed; sad pig grandstands

Cop who shot Breonna Taylor slammed for crybaby interview lamenting her death's effect on him

Ghislaine Maxwell ordered to release incriminating 2016 defamation suit transcript

**Cuomo's book victory lap contradicts vengeful lockdown against Orthodox Jews who voted 'wrong' in 2016 

October 22: ACBoo-hoo; the creature from the Poynter Institute lagoon; to serve & protect & pepper-spray dogs; FDA makin' fat stacks

Senate Judiciary Committee confirms ACB despite grandstanding Democrat boycott

NBC journo literally writes the book on doxxing 'wrongthinkers' & has the oligarchy's backing

Topeka police affirms brutal arrest & macing of autistic teen & his dog was totally cool re: procedure

FDA approves remdesivir as sole 'legit' treatment for OMFGVIRUS it doesn't actually work against

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