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If you can read this, congratulations! You caught my site on one of the few occasions it wasn't being knocked offline by busy little bitch beavers being buttered with bountiful bucks. For those who don't speak alliteration, that's "Israel is knocking my site offline on a daily basis, so clearly I am doing something right," which in another dialect translates to "your tax dollars are paying for this, sucker." The grift never ends. Meanwhile, you can pre-order Cynthia McKinney's forthcoming book - in which I wrote Chapter 13 about Police State Corona - here. Half the predictions I made back in March have already come to pass, but there's still time to head off the other half if we actually do it instead of sitting around bitching. Any takers?

August 3: Bullish on guillotines; TikTok tax; in case you forgot about Floyd; Singaporeans' surveillance privilege

**2/5 Americans may be evicted, so ruling class pushes tenant-beheading-landlord story to make it 3/5

Former Spanish king flees as Saudi corruption scandal resurfaces

Trump says Microsoft can buy TikTok - as long as the Treasury gets a cut

George Floyd bodycam footage supports 'overdose' & 'brutality' explanations

Welcome to Singapore, here's your beacon: Covid-19 tracking devices for tourists & residents alike 

August 4: Skewed priorities 101; Israeli Crimes: Beirut Edition; the coverup begins; Soros strikes in LA

**Mass freakout over 'n-word' ignores bigger problems menacing black community

Audi ditches banana-girl ad over supposed pedophilic undertones

Lady doth protest too much? Israel & Hezbollah both deny Beirut blast is rocket attack

Human Rights Watch director blames Beirut blast on Hezbollah before memory-holing tweet

Los Angeles DA's husband charged for 'menacing' BLM protesters on his porch with gun

Beirut explosions as seen from 15 angles fail to shed light on blast's cause

August 5: Stop in the name of OMFGVIRUS; insult to injury; everyone I don't like is a Russian Agent 

"Checkpoint Billy" de Blasio announces Covid-19 stops along bridges & tunnels into NYC

Parents of girl given 'death sentence' by NHS speak out over brutal bedside arrest

**State Dept releases projection-laden 'disinfo report' acknowledging failure to compete

August 6: Warp speedier; bureaucratitis; double standards; Papa Smurf goes to Tehran; Biden's still racist; AOC pushes Agenda 21; Snitch & Get Rich

Trump hints at Covid-19 vaccine available pre-election, because warp speed isn't fast enough

US election commission hamstrung by resignations can't even call a meeting as November 3 looms

Twitter slaps non-US-friendly state media with no-no labels while letting US & UK state outlets skate

Elliott Abrams, failing upward, adds Iran to his remit ahead of hotly anticipated sanctions vote

Biden tells black voters they all think alike, unlike 'diverse' Latinos

AOC Green New Deal speculative short nominated for Emmy for...news analysis?

Russians & Iranians spammed with 'Rewards for Justice' snitch & get rich election meddling offers 

August 7: Mental monopoly or bust; whitewashing Black Lives Matter; accident no longer waiting to happen; your thoughts are not your own

**Trump targeting TikTok to cement US monopoly on English-speaking social media users globally

**Oprah & Women's March founders team up to grift on Breonna Taylor's death

Air India tragedy in Kerala renews concerns over 'tabletop' airport placement

US intelligence says whoever you vote for in 2020, it's because of foreign meddling

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Special vacation edition...though it doesn't look like I missed all that much what with the ruling class continuing to push race war and endless fear porn while Alan Dershowitz, beset from all sides by a little thing called reality, realizes too late that flinging around the word "antisemite" like most people say "the" or "and" has only clued the public in to its use as just another playground insult (kind of like "racist" and "transphobic," neither of which mean anything anymore either thanks to constant misuse by the "Black Lives Matter Unless They Disagree With Our Narrative" brigades). As their narrative [virus, vaccine, victimhood] continues to fall apart, expect a flood of low-rent deepfakes (now that Trump has been persuaded to wear a mask, getting the mouth movements correct is no longer necessary) before the much-hyped Second Wave is unleashed in late September. What if they declared a nationwide lockdown and no one paid attention? 

July 20: Milquetoast mutual aid society; another one bites the dust; lockdown lunacy; terror goes woke; school's out forever

GOP ex-candidate Kasich's planned pro-Biden convention speech further alienates voters

Suspect in Salas family shooting found dead in car, immediately declared suicide

Kentucky family shackled with ankle monitors after refusing to sign Covid-19 'isolation order'

Muslim policing group demands UK cops ditch 'Islamist terror' moniker for something more sensitive

Florida teachers sue state over school reopening order amid largely fictional Covid-19 spike

July 21: All mask all the time; no motive no problem; Google on a rampage

Broward County quietly walks back mask-at-home order after outrage

Supposed Salas shooter's "men's rights" motive is nonsense, but alternate explanations abound

Google briefly memory-holes non-establishment news sites from all search results

July 22: Chiraq keeps bleeding; Americans love/hate cancel culture; QAnon psyop gets Streisand boost; Steele's expensive remorse

3-year-old shot in Chicago after massacre at funeral leaves useless police with no leads

Most Americans think 'cancel culture' has gone too far, but 40% have partaken

**Twitter crackdown on QAnon over vague 'outside harm' excuse only encourages Israeli psyop

Steele (of dossier fame) finds his conscience at bottom of Webzilla libel lawsuit 

July 23: Trump unleashes DHS; judge unleashes Cohen; Sanger canceled; Whitey blamed again; lawsuit threats get results

Trump will 'never' defund police but enjoys sending in feds to 'help' them do their job

Michael Cohen ordered released from jail over supposedly 'retaliatory' no-media gag order

**Planned Parenthood cancels founder Sanger over racism & eugenics cheerleading, but her legacy remains

NYTimes blames 'nice white parents' for why US public schools suck

UK 'kids' news' site grovels at Rowling's feet after lawsuit threat over transphobia claim

July 24: Social justice (Confederate) warriors; men's health hates men; George Floyd canonized; this virus causes motorbike crashes

Trump hints Confederate military bases will keep their names despite veto-proof Congressional majorities

**Men's Health tells Joe Rogan to shut up & look pretty

Jesuit mag's comparisons of George Floyd to Jesus Christ inflame Christians

Florida 'Covid-19 case spike' result of statistical trickery, multiple investigations find 

July 29: The cringing apologizer behind Portland's Naked Athena is a microcosm of the protests themselves

**'Naked Athena' speaks out, revealing utter banality behind protest myths

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When everything is racist, nothing is racist, and this only encourages racists to climb on board the woke train. Who's the most racist of all? (Ask this guy...) In the same way, if the very act of imparting knowledge in an academic setting is (as these psychopaths say) a colonialist act, and teachers have no right to impose knowledge (ha! what a white concept) on students because it implies the learner is somehow less-than, well, who needs to pay teachers all that money when schools can just rope in 'facilitators' from the community, pay them a token sum so as not to appear too exploitative, and finish the transformation of schools into combination holding cells/programming pens without the risk some kid who against all Common-Core odds actually does learn to read makes a connection with a teacher who shows them what to read? The ethnomathematics brigade, derided by the Right as an excess of the Left, is just another tool of the neoliberal uniparty to dismantle all possible escape routes out of the abject pod-person misery that will make today's poverty look like a walk in the park. Eviction protection for millions of Americans ran out today; unemployment runs out next week. "Will get offended 4 food" signs will sprout like weeds, and no good deed will go unpunished.

July 13: 4 legs good, 2 legs bad; UN goes full OMB; sloth unmasked; 2+2=white supremacy is the new 2+2=5

Trump hints police should rebel against Democrat-led city governments

UN rapporteur warns of "Trump effect" squashing press freedom worldwide 

Ted Cruz spotted on American Airlines flight sans mask triggers meltdown

**Math is racist, 2+2 is white supremacy & 'ethnomathematics' is neoliberalism in woke clothing

July 14: Death penalty for late homework; ICE ices mass student deportation; billionaires invite guillotines

Black girl sent to juvenile hall during pandemic for 'probation violation': not doing homework

Trump admin rolls back expulsion of foreign students at online-only colleges after lawsuit threats

**'Billionaires are people too' or 'break out the pitchforks'? Anon Bloomberg profile exudes 'eat the rich'

WhatsApp outage sends users scurrying to Twitter to confirm sanity

July 15: Out of sight, out of mind; pigs get poked; loose Cannon stands ground before corbyning; free advice from Farrakhan

**Police departments ditching mugshots doesn't solve justice system's race problem, but hides it well

3 NYC cops wounded after Brooklyn Bridge clash with protesters

Nick Cannon lashes out at Viacom after mentioning Rothschild amid anti-white racism gets him fired

Owens bristles as Charlamagne points out firing Cannon for "Jews run the media" comment proves point

Nation of Islam reposts Farrakhan's call for Jews to turn away from Talmud amid Cannon 'antisemitism' spat

July 16: Twitter hack inside job; Russiagate dead horse gets a flogging; police drones say tits or GTFO

Twitter employee colluded with bitcoin scammers who hacked celebrity accounts

**CIA discovered waging preemptive cyber-warfare since 2018, but look over there! Russia hacked our vaccines!

Minneapolis rolls back topless ban after complaints about peeping-Tom cop drones spying on skinny-dippers

July 17: Israel-Firsters eye Engel's chair; Pompeo takes a bite out of rights; even UK scientists don't buy Russian vax hack

Bowman victory over Israel-Firster Engel triggers war over Foreign Affairs chair

**Pompeo's efforts to redefine 'human rights' are a prelude to violating more of them

Imperial College vax project head says US hoarding, not Russian hacking, main challenge

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Academia is climbing aboard this 'punish everyone who does not subscribe to bringing back segregation' bandwagon, even though it's not black people pushing this narrative at all - just being used as ideological human shields for when the white people inevitably revolt (now what group do we know that does this with other people...can't quite remember....sigh). When there are only a few handfuls of your 'group' on the planet and you've set your mission as dominating the rest of its inhabitants, obviously the only way you can win is to set those inhabitants at each others' throats. Why are we making it so easy for them? If the working class doesn't make common cause across racial (and gender, and age, and blah blah blah) lines, we will be killed off. It's that simple. And for those who thought the idea of a universal digital identity linked to vaccine uptake was a Conspiracy Theory™, kindly suck it.

July 13: Black Votes Matter; Karen must suffer; murder still illegal; Kaepernick gets rich; foreign students ICEd; TikTok wannaban; what's wrong with Bloomington?

**Black Lives Matter coopts black resistance to push Democratic Party's agenda

Central Park Karen charged, but Twitter says it's not enough

UN rapporteur: international community MIA on illegal drone strikes like Soleimani murder

Colin Kaepernick's first-look Disney deal elicits outpouring of scorn & envy

ICE warns foreign college students those taking online-only classes will be deported

Pompeo puts TikTok on notice after Indian ban

Bloomington protesters try to stop car with their bodies, shocked when it hits them

 July 14: Encryption leads to torture, in 5Eyes wet dream; art is hate; UN confirms WHO belongs to Gates; Cali profs revive segregation; MSM pileon backs Pompeo's TikTok ban

EncroChat crack leads to discovery of shipping-container "torture chambers"

California couple who painted over BLM mural charged with hate crime

Trump officially pulls US out of WHO, leaving Eugenics Man Gates in charge

California professors' union demands segregation as part of racial justice package

Hatepimps come out of woodwork to justify a TikTok ban with OMFGNAZIS & privacy complaints 

July 15: Roger Stoned; Lady Antebellum trips over hypocrisy; Princeton wants bribes to hire black people; Woke Don Lemon

Facebook bans accounts linked to Roger Stone. Proud Boys, & Jair Bolsonaro

Lady Antebellum sued over stealing "Lady A" rename from black blues singer

Princeton faculty say punish wrongthink by defunding departments & bribe for affirmative action

Don Lemon was telling black people to pull up their pants just 8 years ago. What happened? 

July 16: Goya: wise move or suicide?; Dataminr gets caught doing the obvious; de Blasio & Minneapolis court let hypocrisy shine; not-lynched man totally not lynched

Goya CEO's Trump praise brings down the ragemobs, but did it sell more beans?

Dataminr fed Twitter data to police, fulfilling name's promise despite pledges not to

De Blasio cancels large events through September, except BLM protests, because of course

Minneapolis judge gags George Floyd cops to not taint jurors - despite 2 months of nonstop coverage

Investigation shows Robert Fuller not lynched, but BLM protesters still believe

July 17: Amazon mea-culpas; tech-owned Trump threatens France over tax; voting blows dead cats; Race2Dinner is race to the bottom; Ken & Karen gun-jacked

Amazon says demand employees delete TikTok was just an oopsie

Trump threatens France with 25% import tax if they don't lay off taxing Big Tech

12-years-dead cat gets voter registration app in Atlanta

Wayfair insists supremely creepy overlap between product names & missing kids is nothing

**Race2Dinner's grifters aren't interested in racial harmony - it'd put them out of a job

St. Louis cops grab 'Ken & Karen' McCloskey couple's guns on search warrant

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A big thanks to everyone who helped get the word out to law enforcement about the fireworks plot. Not that they don't have all summer to torch the city, but as of right now it's still standing, and that's no small accomplishment. A big no-thanks to the Mossad goons who keep blanking my site - but you'll get yours in the end. 

Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe Ghislaine Maxwell is in government custody, Cuomo is presidential material, and the 'rona is causing a "nationwide coin shortage." Makes perfect sense! When in doubt, appeal to "safety," attack the questioner as insufficiently patriotic/virus-reverent, and report them to the nearest Karen nest. 

June 29: Abortions for everybody; Stop Lying For Profit; Cuomo reminds everyone he's a killer; media hates small business

SCOTUS ruling strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic restrictions

**ADL & Soros extort Facebook under cover of "hate speech" 

Cuomo's "COVID mountain" elicits oohs & ahhs, but not the kind he expected

**MSM blames small business for coronavirus case spike - pay no attention to those protests

June 30: Occupy pork plant; blame China redux; #Resistance runs out of ideas

NYPD clashes with City Hall occupiers on eve of vote to defund police by $1bn

FCC declares Huawei & ZTE "national security threats"

**Kellyanne Conway's Trump-hating daughter embraced by #Resistance vampires

July 1: CHAZ gets CHOPped; Tennessee BBQ threatened with torching; Confederate statues doomed

**Seattle's CHAZ was destined for failure to set an example for all future "anarchists"

Chattanooga BBQ threatened with arson after phony report of pro-police donations

Richmond mayor rushes Confederate statues off pedestals in extralegal purge

July 2: Justice for Breonna Tay-uh, a recalcitrant porn star; Ghislaine gets CYA charges; Dems rejoice in Cain karma

**'Justice for Mia Khalifa' makes a mockery of the term 'justice' & contract law

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire on minor charges

Maxwell charged with perjury over sex crimes - but not sex crimes themselves

Liberals can't resist mocking Herman Cain after he tests positive following Trump rally

July 3: ACLU sheds last of its credibility; Black Lives Matter except when they contradict the DNC 

ACLU pounces on anti-BLM protest law, but MIA on anti-pipeline protest laws 

**BLM is the Democratic Party in activists' clothing - & activists are doomed if they can't do better

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