The utter silence of the "antisemitism police" as Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo's mask-stormtroopers kick in doors in Jewish Brooklyn to disrupt small gatherings should make clear exactly what's going on. Overlay the map of how Brooklyn voted in 2016 with the map of Cuomo's lockdown zones. This is petty revenge from a simpering gorilla in nipple rings. Insult added to injury. To Jewish people who can't be persuaded for ideological reasons to side with Americans who object to their tax dollars being used to fight Israel's wars: do it for self-preservation! It's clear that if you're not manifestly a part of the elite, you are considered expendable (if you're reading this, you're probably considered expendable, unless you're the schmuck who spent the better part of a year taking my site down). The Octopus is not protecting your tribal compatriots in Brooklyn - do you honestly think it will protect you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's literally my job, so....


"First they came for the Holocaust deniers - and I did not speak up, because I was not a Holocaust denier (and seriously, find five so-called 'Holocaust deniers' who actually claim it didn't happen)

Then they came for the anti-vaxxers - and I did not speak up, because I was not an anti-vaxxer (and seriously, find five so-called 'anti-vaxxers' who actually believe other people shouldn't be allowed to vaccinate their kids)

Then they came for the 'conspiracy theorists' - and I did not speak up, because I was able to wriggle out of that label by reasoning it applied to anyone who spouted the official story

Then they came for the Jews - and I realized wait, we've heard this one before"

--found scrawled on a bathroom wall in the consciousness-recycling waiting room



To everyone else in New York - what the hell are you doing? Why are YOU not out in the streets burning masks? Half of you are unemployed now. What the hell else have you got to do? (To those asking me why am not doing same, I can't do it myself. My contact information is freely available on this site. If anyone wants to put together a demonstration, a real one that isn't some FBI-controlled shitshow like 90% of the "activism" that happens in New York, please contact me)


October 19: Chemical weapons fraudsters try their hand at unpersoning; death penalty hypocrisy glistens

OPCW founding director slams 'wall of silence' blocking 'extremely competent' Douma whistleblowers

**US set to federally execute first woman in years - but don't expect them to stop lecturing others for doing same 

October 20: Behind the beheading trendsetter; AI doesn't laugh; equal-opportunity brainwashing

Chechen refugee who killed Samuel Paty communicated with 'offended' parent of student on Whatsapp

Facebook doesn't get the joke as Babylon Bee demonetized over Monty Python joke

**Parents clutching pearls over PragerU 'for schools' forget left crazies already did the same

October 21: Sad pig oinks; [Mos]sad pig exposed; sad pig grandstands

Cop who shot Breonna Taylor slammed for crybaby interview lamenting her death's effect on him

Ghislaine Maxwell ordered to release incriminating 2016 defamation suit transcript

**Cuomo's book victory lap contradicts vengeful lockdown against Orthodox Jews who voted 'wrong' in 2016 

October 22: ACBoo-hoo; the creature from the Poynter Institute lagoon; to serve & protect & pepper-spray dogs; FDA makin' fat stacks

Senate Judiciary Committee confirms ACB despite grandstanding Democrat boycott

NBC journo literally writes the book on doxxing 'wrongthinkers' & has the oligarchy's backing

Topeka police affirms brutal arrest & macing of autistic teen & his dog was totally cool re: procedure

FDA approves remdesivir as sole 'legit' treatment for OMFGVIRUS it doesn't actually work against