The US is doubling down on the failed Venezuelan regime change operation, throwing diplomatic temper tantrums & causing blackouts straight out of the Gene Sharp playbook, while Cheney has slithered out of the grave to weigh in on how we aren't starting nearly enough wars & not one but two flaming shills have entered a presidential race already overflowing with flaming shills. Meanwhile, Twitter has committed itself to literally filing off the rough edges of its user interface, the better to force the lies down your throat, & we're being told that air pollution is racist in the latest bid to paper over the economic inequality at the heart of this country's domestic problems. Look on my works, ye mighty, & despair...

March 11: Venezuelan regime change ops boil over; Pelosi throws shade & misses

Maduro claims 2 saboteurs caught 'in flagrante' interfering with Guri dam

US withdraws remaining diplomats from Venezuela

Pelosi: impeachment is 'divisive,' & Trump's not worth it (though she can't stop thinking about him)

March 12: Air pollution is racist! CNN sued, Biden boo'ed, Cheney ewww'd

Study decries air pollution 'race gap,' conveniently elides role of economic inequality*

Covington kid sues CNN for $275mil - NYTimes next?

'Pedo Joe' Biden teases candidacy no one wants

Cheney to Pence: start more wars, or the world won't respect us*

Bolsonaro's links to activist's murderers are 'coincidences,' police wink

March 13: Pentagon's trigger finger itches as Senate issues Yemen wrist-slap; beta Beto bores; Facebook booked?

Pentagon can't wait to test banned weapons with INF treaty's corpse still warm

Senate passes resolution to stop facilitating Saudis' genocide in Yemen

Chinless wonder Beto slumps into race, with a pricey photoshoot & no principles*

Facebook under grand jury scrutiny for secretive data partnerships

Johnson & Johnson pays out $29.4mil in asbestos-talc cancer case

March 14: Twitter literally files off rough edges; US continues Venezuela meltdown; NZ thrown to "identitarian" wolves

Twitter rounds corners, strengthens speech codes to promote 'healthy conversation,' squelch dissent*

Pro-Guaido diplomats storm out as Venezuelan FM speaks to UN

49 dead, 4 arrested in NZ mosque shootings (what happened to the other 3 perps, establishment media? inquiring minds etc)

Would-be Maduro 'drone assassin' interviewed by CNN

March 15: Beto 'bombshell' grabs at authenticity; smirking sociopathic pig 'cares'; Drag Queen (Pedo) Storytime

Team Beto pumps up flagging interest with anodyne 'hacker past'

Pompeo says Yemen resolution shows Senate doesn't care about Yemen like the Saudis do

Drag Queen Storytime participant was convicted sex offender...who'd'a thunk??

Disney rehires James Gunn after less than a year in the naughty corner over pedo tweets