It's finally considered news that the Department of Homeland Security is compiling dossiers on journalists - now that some of those journalists are involved in covering migrant caravans. Apparently, some journalists are more equal than others, & those who take care to feed the narrative are protected by their establishment brethren. Imagine my shock - but you don't need to imagine, because i finally got to sign my name to it...*


March 4: Racism or criminal stupidity? Foreign policy: ur doin it wrong

South African party leader wants whites to serve blacks...but sure, he means well

High schoolers trading racial slurs & extermination chat shocked when clip goes viral

Trump expands embargo on Cuba, cutting off country's nose to spite face


March 5: NSA plays possum, but Clapper keeps on lion; redefining 'victory'; another Black Mirror episode come to life

NSA claims to curtail Stellar Wind metadata collection

Clapper on lying to Congress: "I'm not a perjurer, I'm just stupid"

Rand Paul proposes end to Afghan war, redefining "victory"


MIT builds backflipping, indestructible 'cheetah' robot, dooming humanity


March 6: The military does to its own what it does to the rest of the world; fetuses are people too; Trumper tantrum part 994

Military sex assault victim says reporting as bad as assault itself

Alabama man sues abortion clinic on behalf of aborted fetus

Trump vows to deprive media of his presence during 2020 debates over Fox snub

Tim Cook's "learn to code" elicits howls of hypocrisy on Twitter


March 7: Pearl-clutching over migrants, antisemitism, and - better late than never, i suppose - spying on journalists

California court rules counting citizens for census unconstitutional

Democrats pass watered-down anti-"hate" resolution, angering ziofascists

Homeland Security spying on journalists - AGAIN*

Teacher wins prize by reading contract, proving no one reads contracts


March 8: Hate to say 'i told you so'; climate change weaponizes fear; legislative virtue-signaling

Jussie Smollett whacked with the felony stick - 16 times

Climate change weaponizes fear & guilt, says Greenpeace founder

House Dems pass "anti-corruption" bill sure to be shot down & allow them to continue corruption

Angry hipster demands journal stop using his pic to illustrate hipster study...except it isn't him

Ilhan Omar claims she's an Obama fan after much-needed shit-talking of America's favorite butcher