The most special of special counsels has wrapped up his investigation, and Russiagate is a dud. i could say i told you so, but that wouldn't be sporting, so let's revisit an old video instead. Russiagate may be dead, but death is only the beginning when you're a faith-based crusade with only the most fleeting link to the reality-based community - now that that link has been severed, expect the collusion delusion to only strengthen.

this has aged a lot better than Luke Harding's book...


March 18: Mini brains seeking a spine; social credit scores meet capitalism; death squad revivalist gets the band back together

Lab-grown 'mini-brains' cry out for a spine, campaign contributions next?

Donald Trump Jr. warns of privatized version of Chinese social credit score. Too bad it's already here*

Bolsonaro's first stop in US is CIA: time to bring the junta back?

In space no one can hear you[r herpes] scream


March 19: EU <3 AI; Italian pol gets ironypox; institutional hypocrisy, sacred vs profane edition

A quarter of EU citizens ready to embrace AI overlords*

Italian governor against vaccine mandates mocked for getting most ironic chickenpox ever [& if you don't think he had help getting sick, i've got a bridge to sell you]

Trump names former Boeing exec to FAA after second Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash kills everyone on board

After claiming new age of accountability, Pope pleads with cardinal who covered up abuse to stay on


March 20: MoveOn to Dems: please step away from the checkbook; Rachel Dolezal's revenge; NZ psyop bears fruit

MoveOn asks 2020 presidential candidates to boycott AIPAC

Finnish researcher ties self in knots trying to make case for 'trans-ageism'*

New Zealand debuts gun control laws, Americans know whose benefit this is really for

FBI joins probe into Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes, lax oversight


March 21: Dems spit in base's face over AIPAC; Facebook & Monsanto say Trust Us; robot bees lead interspecies takeover

House Dems show fealty to donors, indifference to voters with yet another anti-BDS bill as AIPAC approaches*

Facebook stored over half a billion users' passwords in plaintext, but it's OK, their employees are trustworthy!

Los Angeles bans Monsanto's RoundUp after second cancer lawsuit - 9,000 more to go!

Robot mimics allow interspecies communication & behavioral control


March 24: Mueller meltdown; Iran gloats; Google votes

Mueller meltdown: Dems vow it isn't over, demand to see full report

Mueller meltdown memed: #Resistance implodes, grasps at obstruction straws

Iran confirms Netanyahu family's phones hacked

Google flipped seats for Dems in 2018, swayed 7.8million votes, researcher says


* = bylined!