Amazing how the #Resistance pivots on a dime from Russiagate to Ukrainegate - it's almost like the details don't matter, just the existence of a scandal - any scandal - to dislodge that troublesome Bad Orange Man from office. Facts are stupid things, and the stenographers of power writing for the establishment media assume their audience are stupid people.

September 23: College kids pick prostitution over debt slavery; wannabe-Ukrainazi US soldier busted for giving out explosive advice; Labour loves foreign votes

**US college students embracing "sugar daddies" as alternative to lives of debt peonage

US soldier arrested for distributing bomb-building info planned to fight with neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

Labour Party plans to extend the vote to foreign residents of the UK

September 24: Trump's UN speech scathing indictment...of the US; Saudi Arabia's table full of options; technology is destroying humanity (& that's a feature not a bug)

**Trump tears into Iran, Venezuela, socialism - with criticism better applied to the US

Saudi Arabia hints at military retaliation against Iran for Houthis' strike on Aramco facilities - but doesn't want war

**Technology, once synonymous with progress, is depriving us of our humanity

September 25: Trump releases Ukraine call transcript...and it's another nothingburger; autistic kid labeled sex offender; Netanyahu's second chance; DNI slams WaPo fake news

Trump releases transcript of Zelensky call, with nary a quid pro quo to be found

The Trump-Zelensky call, explained: a nothingburger inside a nothingburger (but what's that about Crowdstrike?)

Autistic kindergartner could be labeled sex offender for hugging classmates

Netanyahu tapped to form Israeli government despite losing second election

DNI denies threatening to resign over Ukrainegate "whistleblower"

September 26: Iran violates moar nuclear deal, says IAEA; Chernobyl still radioactive; ADL says OK not OK

Iran violated more nuke deal provisions, says IAEA, after Tehran calls out Europe for failing to pull their weight

RT journalists tour Chernobyl's doomed reactor 4

ADL condemns "OK" hand sign as hateful symbol of white supremacy, despite knowledge of 4chan hoax

September 27: Swedes ditch history for gender studies; Pelosi's paranoid; the Left can't meme

Swedish primary schools drop ancient history from curriculum for postmodernism & critical theory

Lavrov: Pelosi blaming Russia for Ukrainegate scandal is typical paranoia

Egregious NYTimes Star Wars clip shows the Left (or what passes for it these days) cannot, in fact, meme