While you're absorbed in the impeachment sideshow, your government is robbing you blind. So, business as usual. While the media tell us that Americans, most of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, are deeply concerned that the president talked on the phone with the president of Ukraine and mentioned his political rival (who actually dangled a quid pro quo in front of Ukraine's face while serving as vice president), consent is being manufactured for that Iran war everyone wants so much. Don't get distracted. 

September 30: EU tiptoes away as US loudly self-destructs; establishment Dems love war almost as much as the CIA

8 more EU countries escape sinking ship of US sanctions by joining Iran's INSTEX

**San Francisco tries everything to clean up its homeless problem - except making housing affordable

Bolton embraced by #Resistance media establishment in hope he'll dig Dems out of their impeachment hole

MoveOn finally embraces whistleblowers - but only the kind that don't matter

October 1: Humans fight back; Zuck to US: nice election you got there, would be a shame if anyone meddled; US sanctions kill Cubans; Biden gags Giuliani

**Humans are sabotaging their new robot overlords - are scientists really surprised?

Facebook's Zuckerberg threatens US gov't with more election meddling if company is broken up

US sanctions are making Cubans sick - literally

Biden campaign attempts to bar Giuliani from TV news over exposing Burisma corruption

October 2: Sanders laid low; comedy doomed; Trump doesn't want your alligators; whistleblower details reveal collusion aplenty

Bernie Sanders 'pauses' campaign after emergency heart surgery

**Comedy is dying under the dictatorship of the woke

Trump doesn't even know what 'moat' means, let alone want to throw migrants in one

Ukrainegate CIA "whistleblower" may have colluded with Schiff to flesh out complaint

October 3: Twitter protects Biden; Iran protects Soleimani; Pelosi protects Schiff; Americans learning to love their brainwashing; De Niro #metoo'd

Twitter yanks Biden-Burisma Nickelback meme over 'copyright' but can't stop you from look(ing) at this photograph

Israeli-Arab assassination attempt against Quds Brigade chief Soleimani foiled

Pelosi insists Schiff's third-rate mafioso dramatic reading was 'the president's own words'

Americans think social media has too much control over news - but they'll keep reading it there anyway

#Resistance stalwart De Niro accused of sexual harassment by personal assistant

October 4: Irangate cyber scandal unveiled to sell Microsoft products & war; Paris police stabbing terrorism; Sweden's identity crisis

Microsoft uses alleged Iranian government hack attack to sell 'AccountGuard' security service

France hands probe into Paris police stabbing to anti-terror authorities

Iran tried to hack Trump's reelection campaign, but failed (but let's bomb them anyway)

Ultra-liberal Sweden passes historic begging ban - in elite district only