My site is back up, for now, if you're reading this. Who knew cockroaches hated having light shined on them so much? Get used to it, guys.

May 13: Israel spying, moon shrinking, China retaliating; US bloviating

Israeli spyware targets human rights activists using WhatsApp

Moon is geologically active, shrinking, analysis finds

*Strait of Hormuz new Gulf of Tonkin: false-flag, suffer, repeat

Trump weighs additional tariffs on Chinese consumer goods

May 14: Intel processors zombified; San Francisco saves face; Trump outlaws competition; Alabama loves fetuses

ALL Intel chips compromised - this is what happens when you build a factory in Israel...

San Francisco bans law enforcement use of facial recognition

Trump mulling executive action banning telecoms' use of Huawei

Alabama senate passes strictest abortion ban in US

May 15: Alabama really loves its fetuses; US resists Christchurch creep; Munchhausen by proxy; Trump wants your sob story

Alabama governor passes no-exception abortion ban

Alabama abortion law sparks debate, obviously

Orwellian Christchurch call too fascist even for the US

French anesthesiologist poisoned dozens in order to 'save' them & impress colleagues

Trump asks followers for social media censorship stories

May 16: Israeli election meddling ubiquitous; 102 years of Pei; Indian soldiers leaking all over Facebook; dark matter matters

Facebook admits Israelis meddling in elections on 3 continents for 7 years

IM Pei leaves behind dozens of ugly buildings

Indian army clerk caught in Pakistani Facebook honey trap

Dark matter implicated in galactic hit-and-run

May 17: Venezuelan protesters released; French journalists face prison; men officially women; lechery on the high seas

Venezuelan embassy protesters released, charged with 'interfering' with State Dept repo op

France threatens journalists with jail over leaking proof of arms treaty violation, Yemen genocide complicity

US House passes bill forcing women's sports teams to accept transgender players

Navy sub was hive of perversion while command looked the other way