The Strait of Hormuz is the new Gulf of Tonkin. The Pentagon's own war games show the US would suffer badly in a hypothetical conflict with Iran, & that's without other countries getting in on the game - given current geopolitical realities, the false flag Trump's b-team is angling for would be nothing short of apocalyptic. Bye, my fellow 'muricans, was nice knowing you.

May 6: Guaido goes full Hillary re: failed coup; Mnuchin sits on Trump's taxes; Twitter ices AOC parody account bc who could tell

Guaido blames nebulous "backers" for failed coup in Venezuela, but still Trusts The Plan

Mnuchin refuses to release Trump tax returns

Twitter bans AOC parody account & its creator without explanation

(note: this was originally written as an op-ed for RT)

May 7: Auschwitz takes offense; Venezuela takes revenge; Pompeo takes a shit on Iraq; Arizona clutches porn pearls; so much for security

Auschwitz appalled at print-on-demand concentration camp skirts, rallies uncomprehending outrage mob

Venezuela prosecutes lawmakers who backed Guaido goons

Pompeo to Iraq: nice "independent" country you've got there, sure would be a shame if you got too friendly with Iran

Arizona passes law declaring porn a health crisis - "i don't think that word means what you think it means"

1 dead 8 injured after 2 students shoot up Colorado high school

9 dead 24 injured after explosion at Sufi Muslim shrine on 2nd day of Ramadan

May 8: Trump readies the mop for 2020 victory; Pompeo thugs out over Huawei in UK; Florida arming teachers; Barr buried in subpoenas

*Unhinged Democrats cling to Russiagate cult at their peril, handing Trump an easy victory

Pompeo threatens to boot Brits from 5 Eyes if they let Huawei build any of their 5G

Florida to teachers: arm yourselves (because what could go wrong)

House Dems whack Barr with 2nd subpoena after holding him in contempt for ignoring the last one

May 9: Pompeo's trigger finger itches; Bezos plots Amazon Moon; Rubio's Chinese fever dreams dovetail with Trump's; US repos DPRK ship

Pompeo plotting "swift and decisive" retaliation to imaginary Iranian aggression

Bezos unveils Blue Moon unmanned lunar lander, plan for moon colonies & "road to space"

Rubio convinced China is running Maduro's internet game, keeping Guaido offline

China threatens unspecified "countermeasures" as Trump beefs up import tariffs

US uses civil asset forfeiture to seize North Korean freighter stopped in Indonesia over sanctions violations

May 10: Biden demands 40-story border fence on video; moar subpoenas for Trump, moar missiles from the Pentagon, moar casualties

CNN finds clip of Biden calling for "40 story" border fence to stop Mexican drug traffickers (& jail for 'muricans who hire them)

Subpoena-wielding House committee takes aim at Trump taxes

Pentagon sends Patriot missiles to CENTCOM while insisting it doesn't want war with Iran - they're just lonely

Colombian DIY fireworks factory explodes, killing 4 and injuring 30

Ship plows into 2 barges, spilling thousands of gallons of toxic gas additive into Galveston bay