It's important to get rid of all your accumulated sociopathy before the new year so you don't pay taxes on it. That's the only way i can explain some of these stories, at least. Taking Christmas Eve/Christmas off, so hopefully there is at least a full-length article or five coming soon

December 17: What's the difference between Catholics & cannibals? One believes in population control; all work & no play drives Special Forces crazy

Catholic priest abuse investigations spread to 45 states: names named

A cannibal, his wife, and their mistress: modern love & ritual murder in Brazil

Murder, rape, pedophilia, assault, & sometimes they even go to war: US Special Forces under investigation

Nunchucks legal in New York after ban declared unconstitutional

December 18: Facebook screws users, again; Trump loses foundation, gains a worm; pot calls kettle black

Facebook sold access to users' private data without their knowledge, still thinks it did nothing wrong

Trump Foundation to be dissolved under governmental oversight

Blind wormlike amphibian to be named after Trump, because climate change 

Geopolitical thug Nikki Haley calls MBS 'thuggish,' because it takes one to know one

December 19: We have met the "Russian meddlers," & they are Democrats. If you read nothing else i wrote this week, please read this article, & share it with all your Russiagate-believing friends/relatives. Also: BuzzFeed beats Steele dossier defamation suit; Tesla spontaneously combusts; cultural otterpropriation

Democratic disinfo experts used "Russian" social media tricks to sway Alabama election

Judge dismisses Russian's defamation suit against BuzzFeed over Steele dossier libel

Tesla spontaneously combusts - twice in one day

CA aquarium's fat otter joke offends the perpetually-offended

December 20: When in doubt, blame Satan; legislative virtue-signaling; more reasons to avoid Alexa; Mad Dog put down; Senate finally criminalizes lynching

Alabama cops blame Satan (and Kids These Days) for homicide spike

Alexa, what's my neighbor doing? Amazon device sends recordings to stranger

'Mad Dog' Mattis to quit Trump administration because he can't have all the wars he wants

House approves border wall funding; government shutdown imminent as Schumer promises to block

Trump tweets surreal Green Acres clip to celebrate farm bill passage

Senate passes anti-lynching bill, 100 years too late

December 21: US to fund moar Ukrainian provocation; beefeaters join yellow vests; UK retakes migrant-hijacked ship; when is a wall not a wall?

US pledges $10mn more in military aid as Ukraine mulls second Kerch provocation

Beefeaters on strike at Tower of London for first time in 55 years, don yellow vests in solidarity

UK forces seize migrant-hijacked ship after 12hr standoff

Border bait-n-switch: the Wall has become a 'beautiful' fence

1929 will come again: stock market in toilet for Christmas


& missing from last week's collection - Mueller expands collusion hunt to...Israel?