Last week, pigs flew. Now, we see the Clinton Foundation inching closer to actually being investigated for massive years-long tax evasion. Coincidence?


10 December: FBI-sponsored 'terror' in Toledo; screen-time melts kids' brains

Lacking terrorists to target, Toledo FBI creates & entraps their own

...twice. Two Toledo kids entrapped on the same weekend. USA! USA! 

New study finds 3+ hours daily screen time causes physical changes in kids' brains


11 December: Canada gets screwed for doing the US' dirty work; Trump holds Huawei CFO & US gov't hostage, issues demands; ex-Fed chief reminds us we're $crewed

China retaliates against Huawei CFO abduction, detaining Canadian ex-diplomat

Trump hints he'll ransom out-on-bail Meng in return for trade deal

Pelosi links Wall to Trump's 'manhood,' talks tinkling skunks in veiled alcoholism PSA

Why would anyone want to blow up Facebook?!?

Ex-Fed chief says history repeating itself (just replace 'mortgages' with 'corporate debt')


12 December: Migrants demand dollars for departure; scouts on brink of bankruptcy; a new national symbol

Migrants to Trump: let us in faster, or pay us $50k to go home

Unable to save itself with radical de-gendering, Boy Scouts weighing bankruptcy as sex abuse lawsuits pile up

Assange says he's being subtly Khashoggi'ed, spied on

Spite: ur doin' it rite (VT man flips off town board in a big way)


13 December: More probes for Trump; happiness is not in fact a warm gun; US to Saudis: pay up, pretty please

Just when Trump thought it was safe to come off the golf course...

A drone is not a toy - tell that to this plane

US gun deaths at record high thanks to rise in suicides

Pentagon meekly asks Saudi-led coalition to pay for all that free refueling


14 December: Clinton Foundation acted as foreign agent; Obamacare gets the ax; 3 genders no waiting; Objectivist nutjob replaces Kelly

Clinton Foundation gets Al Cap-OWNED, but are 6,000 pages of proof enough?

Obamacare declared unconstitutional (71st time's the charm?)

Germany to offer 3rd gender option on legal docs but LGBT groups cry foul at restrictions

Ayn Rand-loving "right-wing nutjob" who gutted CFPB named as Trump chief of staff

Egypt arrests locals who helped Danes stage nude Giza pyramid photo