Last week's highlights from the ongoing atrocity exhibition that is our, fear, & failure, what more could you possibly want, besides a way off this planet


Nov 12: Debating Frankfurt School fallout

Illinois prison system mandates transgender training

Christian persecution complex may be real


Nov 13: CIA claims morals, igniting California with "pants on fire" effect, but there's no accounting for taste

CIA torture docs reveal truth serum, ethical delusions

Woolsey fire sparks fears of airborne toxins

EU finds something it can't copyright


Nov 14: Murders? What murders? Americans flee north to avoid getting stuck with terror tab

Report finds native female deaths memory-holed

Record number of Americans seek asylum in Canada

War on Terror prolonged indefinitely to avoid paying $6 trillion tab


Nov 15: How not to die, in NY and CA; Big Brother thinks you look awfully nice today

College teaches course in surviving mass shootings

Missing, dead continue to climb as Camp Fire rages on

Facial recognition is here, here's how they'll make you love it


Nov 16: Ivy League predation; utility companies run by sociopaths

Dartmouth sued for enabling predatory profs for 15 years

Paradise lost- more missing, dead in Camp Fire

Water utilities cover up widespread atrazine contamination