This week's headlines, "satire is obsolete" edition.


Nov 5: Willie Horton's revenge, bots laugh last, Farrakhan does Tehran, shittiest flight ever

TV & Facebook drop Willie Horton redux ad

Hillarybots more effective than Trumpbots, study finds

Farrakhan presses American buttons in Iran

And you thought YOUR flight was shitty...

Gymnastics org declared professionally incompetent


Nov 6: Voting is hard, pot calls kettle black, Gillum concedes (but not for long), blue wave flops, Girl Scouts: "no boys allowed" 

Polling places freeze when faced with the unexpected: voters

CNN to Hannity: where's your integrity? (Not an Onion story)

Gillum concedes in Florida race [not for long, as it turns out...]

Blue wave fails to materialize

Girl Scouts to Boys: stop poaching our customers


Nov 7: Robot surgeon kills patient, Acosta meltdown, Trump auto-backpattery, space tumbleweeds

Robot surgery goes horribly wrong

Acosta learns actions have consequences

Trump takes (undeserved) credit for oil price drop

Trump takes (deserved) credit for Flake's flake

Trump blames Obama for Crimean referendum

Moon has company: astronomers photograph dust clouds


Nov 8: Iranians should eat Pompeo, Antifa apologist hides under bed, Trump says GTFO, wildfire spreads like...

Pompeo says he knows what's best for Iranians: starving creep defends Antifa vs. Carlson, deletes Twitter when called out

Trump tightens border controls: no asylum for you

California wildfire engulfs towns, forces evacuations


Nov 9: Panopticon coming soon, Bermuda triangle of votes, Amazon snitches, Saudis save face

DEA & ICE hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

Bermuda triangle of votes strikes again: Florida recount on horizon

'Alexa, who's the killer?' Echo to testify in murder trial

Saudis end US refueling in Yemen to avoid embarrassing protests

Ashton Kutcher proves gun laws don't work