Google reaches for world domination while conspiracy-shaming kicks into overdrive - now anyone who questions the incomprehensibly idiotic Epstein "suicide" narrative is accused of sowing discord, incubating fascism, & killing polar bears. OK, maybe not that last one. It can't be easy to be a ruling class narrative-manager these days - and they want our sympathy, but they'll settle for our last dollar & firstborn child. A bargain at twice the price!

November 11: Women's wrongs; bipolar bears; just shoot me

H&M slimed after designer dares to have same initials as women-beating acronym

**Polar bears aren't starving because of climate change - they're thriving in it

University of Virginia cancels Veterans Day 21-gun-salute as Peak Snowflake approaches

November 12: Conspiracy deniers on the warpath; protests protests everywhere plus a color revolution; no journalism allowed at journalism school

**Conspiracy-shaming is the lazy government's way of pathologizing dissent

Catalan independence protesters brutally routed from French border blockade

Hong Kong rioters set campuses ablaze as police try to reclaim universities

Chilean police drag elderly man through the streets as anti-neoliberalism protests rage

**Renowned journalism school teaches students to comfort the comfortable & afflict the afflicted

November 13: Project Nightingale triggers probe; VK beats Facebook to the dislike punch; warpigs intimidate peace activist

Google reaches tentacles into personal finance as Project Nightingale triggers a(nother) federal probe

Peace activist raided by cops for bogus, months-old 'assault' charge on congresswoman

VK adopts long-awaited "dislike" button, sending Facebook users into paroxysms of envy

November 14: Huawei's gonna getcha; Epstein speculation breeds fascists; Romney in blackface; pity the billionaires

Huawei poses 'threat to our collective security,' Barr says, calling for blanket ban from FCC

'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme is recruiting tool for fascism, cry establishment pearl-clutchers

Deval Patrick a.k.a. Black Mitt Romney jumps into 2020 race with Obama's blessing

Earthquake off Indonesian island of Ternate triggers tsunami warning

**Wealth-tax-wary billionaires declare themselves a persecuted class, slam socialist 'discrimination'

November 15: Another nothing transcript; very deadly "mistake"; Assad calls out Epstein coverup; Stone stoned in hypocritical display

Trump releases transcript of post-election congratulations call with Zelensky

Israel admits to bombing Gaza family, killing 8, but insists lowly herder was Islamic Jihad commander

Assad casts doubt on Epstein & Le Mesurier suicide narratives, compares to other CIA mystery deaths

Roger Stone found guilty, disproving 'Russian collusion' in verdict held up as proof of 'Russian collusion'