Russiagate lives on in the minds of its devotees, who are already predicting (sans proof) a hefty helping of election meddling for 2020. Perhaps they're aware that with candidates like Biden and warmongering Warren, even four more years of the Bad Orange Man isn't enough to get people to the polls. Whenever you don't vote, Putin kills a walrus --#Resistance proverb

November 4: Biden shoots self while aiming at Trump; #Resistance hypocrisy; Facebook embraces boomerdom; class war for the rich

Biden jabs 'former president' Trump - and inadvertently slimes his hero Obama

**Comedian mocks Trump 'witch hunt' merch, but Comey/Mueller fangear goes unmentioned

Facebook rebrands in all caps, fiddling while Menlo Park burns

NYC pied-à-terre tax sets wealthy whining about 'class war on the rich'

November 5: Derpy diplomat rewrites reality; ABC covered for Epstein; smart homes for stupid people; Russiagate is a brainwashing cult 

Diplomat dodges possible perjury with revised testimony after transcripts 'refresh his memory'

ABC execs spiked Epstein story because they're all 'implicated' - & he definitely didn't kill himself

AI assistants can be hacked from afar with cheap mass-market lasers

**Russiagate is a cult & its brainwashed devotees have their sights on 2020

November 6: Syria pullout canceled; Zuckerberg gets taste of own medicine; gold diggers of 2019; climate change walrus suicide debunked

US pullout of Syria turns into 'reckless' neverending oil-squatting mission

CA gives Facebook a taste of its own privacy-decimating medicine: cough up Zuck's emails or else

Dozens killed & injured as mining convoy comes under ambush in Burkina Faso

**Walruses don't commit suicide 'because climate change.' What else are they lying about?

November 7: Taylor's 'telephone' testimony; NATO isn't braindead, just sleeping; suspected Epstein leaker fired; Gates reverts to type

Much-praised Taylor testimony reveals 'quid pro quo' was merely high-stakes game of telephone

Merkel & Stoltenberg defend senile NATO from meanie Macron's "braindead" jab

No conspiracy here: CBS fires suspected ABC Epstein leaker on tip from 'rival' network

Bill Gates busts 'good billionaire' myth by hinting he won't vote for wealth-grabbin' Warren

November 8: Piss-poor excuse for a culture ministry; fired Epstein leaker doth protest too much, while Veritas says keep looking

Senior French government official drugged women to watch them urinate in front of him - for 10 years

Accused Epstein leaker pleads innocence as Megyn Kelly stages comeback through interview

Project Veritas warns fire-happy TV networks they've got the wrong Epstein leaker