Of course Epstein had to die on a weekend. Long piece on that subject coming soon. Until then, Israel settles the moon, Monsanto (tries to) settle(s) thousands of lawsuits, and see Zuck run...for president? Don't say i didn't warn you.  

August 5: Regulatory capture: it's the 'murican way; Facebook doesn't want you to see them aliens; China to US: don't stage me bro

**How US regulators learned to stop worrying & love toxic chemicals

Facebook deletes "Storm Area 51" event...twice

China vows "countermeasures" to promised US post-INF imperial buildup in Asia

August 6: Israel signs on to WW3 & settles moon; DeSantis hands Florida Epstein probe; CIA foxes appoint selves electoral henhouse guardians 

Israel touts alliance with UAE, US in anti-Iran policing aggressive, er, initiative

Crashed Israeli probe left thousands of (microscopic) settlers on the moon

Florida gov gives probe of 2007 Epstein investigation to state law enforcement

**Spook-stuffed 'election integrity' charity pledges to guard the henhouse to the best of its abilities 

August 7: Amnesty & Hollywood clutch pearls; Trump weighs anti-censorship order while advocating censorship; female scientists: avoid Greece

Amnesty International issues human rights warning for US travelers...over guns?

Universal pulls trailers for violent 'Red State vs Blue State' thriller after mass shootings

Trump weighing executive order on internet censorship, while calling for more censorship of the internet

Another foreign female scientist found dead in Greece

August 8: Facebook dangles $million carrot for starving news sites; McAfee on civil war; Trump cuts off nose to spite face; just shoot me?

Facebook dangles multimillion-dollar licensing fees in front of cash-strapped mainstream news sites

McAfee offers advice on coming civil war: buy Israeli guns, pretend to be Canadian

US tech firms' license to trade with Huawei in limbo as China trade war heats up

Heavily armed man arrested after filming self walking through Walmart strapped 

August 9: Schmuckerberg seizes means of production; Epstein document dump; Bolsonaro wants you to be as full of shit as him; girls vs boys

**"Facebook News" is Zuckerberg's attempt to control mainstream news narrative en route to world domination

First tranche of Epstein lawsuit docs released, including famous names

Bolsonaro to world: poop every other day, save the planet

Woke German mom sues Berlin boys' choir for gender discrimination