In this second episode of Unsafe Space, we illuminate the gaping logical hole in the capitalist argument that if only we had perfectly free markets, we'd all be swimming in joyous plenty (hint: humans have no place in a "perfect market" - and that goes for socialism, too). We observe how neoliberal capitalism has made a disastrous mess of healthcare and education and how the profit motive is totally unrelated to societal advancement. In part 2, we discuss the ideological reversal that has turned liberals into fanatical thought police, allying themselves with their natural enemies in the FBI and CIA as well as their corporate cronies in Big Tech. We analyze Trump Derangement Syndrome and where it is really coming from, offering common sense solutions to the immigration crisis and other seemingly intractable issues.

Thanks to the Great Deplatforming, I've set up a BitChute channel to mirror my videos. If YouTube decides I'm a menace to society, you can find my videos there.