A few recent interviews on the Corona World Order, community policing/contact tracing, and the rise of the Karen as ruling class enforcer...

Went on Sam Tripoli's Tinfoil Hat podcast to discuss lockdowns, contact tracing, and how none of these social control measures are about a virus at all. From New Zealand indefinitely imprisoning entire families on the mere suspicion that one of them was exposed to the dread OMFGVIRUS, to Australia locking down public housing for weeks over a handful of cases (which, it must be said, were not in the public housing buildings), the police state is only intensifying as the virus ebbs. The so-called "land of the free" is rolling over and playing dead when we need to be fighting back - whether that's mass civil disobedience, monkey-wrenching, or otherwise interfering in the imposition of this LockStep agenda.

Joined Spiro Skouras to talk contact-tracing and other insidious aspects of 'community policing' being slipped in under the guise of combating OMFGVIRUS. Cities are training armies of militant Karens - the sort whose lives were bereft of anything interesting before the pandemic and thus have every reason to ensure the lockdown regime continues as long as humanly possible - to snitch on their neighbors and enforce the increasingly ridiculous dictates of petty tyrants like Andrew "ADL pierced my nipples" Cuomo & Gavin "American Psycho" Newsom. These programs (I sat through one so you don't have to) teach that autonomy ends where OMFGVIRUS begins, massive government intrusion has always been how humanity combats viral outbreaks, and snitching is the highest form of morality. 

On the surface, the notion of 'community policing' is appealing: get these uniformed thugs out of our neighborhoods, take care of ourselves, have people who understand what our communities need in charge of law enforcement. But that's not how it will be done in reality. Instead of uniformed thugs, you'll have local busybodies empowered with a badge (or a contact-tracing certificate) to go through your garbage, stop you on the street and demand your papers, harass your family and friends, rat you out to the 'real' authorities, and so on. Every petty grievance you've ever had with your passive-aggressive neighbor will carry the weight of a legal proceeding if that neighbor decides (after getting laid off from the sausage factory) they'd rather work for the Junior-League Stasi than get a real job. It has all the makings of a Sartrean nightmare, and fits perfectly in to the plans for humanity the ruling class have dubbed Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Hell is other people, especially those people who had nothing happening in their lives pre-pandemic and have decided to become the best rule-followers they can be.