I was interviewed recently by Dack Rouleau about the decline of the American empire. We discuss the tyranny of low expectations, the war machine's mass production of ersatz patriotism, universities as adult daycare, the democracy prevention industry, journalistic integrity through adversity, the #Resistance's destruction of the actual Left, and the need for solidarity against the technocratic police state. 

How do you confront an enemy whose name you cannot speak? I spoke with Adam Green of Know More News about the Zionist influence in American politics and culture and the increasingly strict prohibitions on calling out the crimes of Israel and its agents in the US. With so much of the population cowed, quivering in fear of being denounced as an antisemite under the false redefinition of the word equating Zionists to Jews, Zio-fascists are cheerily dismantling the remnants of American society, slurping up $10 million per day of US tax dollars to fund their war machine as Americans struggle to make ends meet. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians it will eventually do to Americans - already US cops travel to Israel for training to learn how to destroy the will of an inconvenient native population. The sooner Americans understand the destructive nature of Zionism - including its habit of using ordinary Jews as a human shield for its malevolent activities, the better to smear its critics as antisemites - the sooner they can regain control of their country.

Most Americans understand that their vote in a presidential election matters very little. However, the ruling class that actually picks who occupies the Oval Office on any given year is telegraphing their intentions through that selection. Ignore the policy platforms and campaign promises - the candidates rarely even intend to follow through on any of those, and the few they do attempt to implement are usually shot down by a bought and paid for Congress. But the personal idiosyncrasies - the "interstitial spaces," unnamed actions one can usually only discern meeting the candidates in person - tell a lot about what kind of figurehead they will be. Obama's promises of hope & change meant nothing - but his fake-sounding voice revealed he would govern as a ruling class puppet without an authentic bone in his body. Trump's pledges to end the wars have come to naught, but his blustering bloviation suggested he would wipe the lipstick off the Empire's pig, leaving the ruling class shrieking obscenities at him for daring to ruin their illusion. Who's next?