Trump's latest fundraising campaign promises to mail fake bricks to lawmakers because Americans no longer know how to heave them through the window themselves. We are so neutered by the shrill shrieking frauds that surround us on a daily basis that half of us accept lessons on the proper way to express masculinity from Procter & Gamble. Revelations may come at the point of a blade, but a Gillette razor is a poor substitute for the guillotine. Revolution? With a national case of Stockholm Syndrome this bad, who needs a police state?


January 14: It's raining men - or spiders - & another kind of Storm

Gillette 'toxic masculinity' ad spurs backlash

Sky-spanning spiderweb the stuff of nightmares

Spotlight-starved Stormy sues scandal-plagued Ohio vice cops


January 15: We'll burn that bridge when we come to it, coke & hookers edition

Tappan Zee Bridge goes out with a bang

DEA agent laundered $7mn in drug money in agency's worst scandal yet

UN survey reveals one in three employees sexually harassed

PressTV journalist held for no declared reason in Kafkaesque detention


January 16: Fake government, fake terror, fake elections, & how not to DIY medicine

Pelosi threatens to cancel Trump's State of the Union address

FBI 'foil' white house explosive plot by guy who thought he could trade car for rockets

Texas man raked in cash with fake PACs for all 3 2016 candidates

Irish man injected self with semen for 18 months in bizarre home back pain cure


January 17: Advertising do's & don'ts; SPLC slander victims fight back

PETA turns entire world off veganism with phallic veggie perv ad

Aeromexico trolls xenophobic stereotypes with 'DNA discount' ad

Pornhub traffic spikes in DC: furloughed feds keeping busy

Immigration group files RICO suit against SPLC for 'hate' smear


January 18: A tunnel in time saves nine; foam brick campaign invigorates Trump faithful; fun with fetuses; the oracle speaks

Conveniently-timed border-wall tunnels cross record number of asylum-seekers

Trump fundraiser promises to mail (fake) bricks to Pelosi & Schumer

March for Life claims victory, mainstream censorship

Pemex pipelines explode, killing fuel thieves

Silent Mueller releases rare statement denying Buzzfeed collusion delusion