Just got bounced from Medium.com for this article, an updated version of which will be posted shortly. If you haven't watched the full sequence of Event 201 videos in which they talk about ramping up censorship to be followed by 'limited internet shutdowns,' I recommend you do so. And keep those septic paws away from your jaws. Big Brother is watching.

April 6: ScrEUed; Kissinger loves plagues; BoJo drags down the pound

Merkel acknowledges coronavirus 'testing' EU, but doubles down: "more Europe!"

**Kissinger says US can't beat coronavirus alone, must establish New World Order 'or else'

Pound sterling drops precipitously as BoJo admitted to ICU

April 7: WHO's on first; more essential than thou; personnel shakeup goes viral; Correa calls BS

Trump says 'China-centric' WHO 'blew it' in coronavirus response

Target workers join rash of 'essential worker' strikes as Corona Class War looms

Texas can ban abortions as 'non-essential,' court rules

Navy Secretary out after firing popular coronavirus tell-all captain of US aircraft carrier

Trump boots Obama-era IG in charge of coronavirus bailout

Correa rolls eyes at sentence as neoliberal austerity exposes Ecuadorians to Covid-19 

April 8: Bernie goes byebye; robotic incursion; military intel oops

Sanders suspends 2020 campaign following long-expected vertebrectomy

Hillary supporters cheer on Bernie's graceless exit, but couldn't he have done more??

Robots infiltrate all your jobs while you're locked down

Military intelligence claims coronavirus alerts headed Washington's way since November

April 9: Where's my loan? Where's my privacy? Where's my junk? bonds, you perverts

Dems stomp on small-business bailout top-up while CNN spreads the blame

**Twitter stops users from hiding personal phone ID as gov't gloms on to same info to track virus

Fed cultivates appetite for junk bonds - what's next, stocks?

April 10: War on the inanimate; Big Tech overtakes Big Brother; Pandrew Cuomo loves health workers (to death)

**US declared war on coronavirus, but what happened with wars on Drugs? Cancer? Terror?

**Google & Apple teaming up for contact-tracing app is privacy nightmare we'll never awake from

**Cuomo debuts 'Heroes Fund' to cheers while memory-holing decade of healthcare cuts