Imagine a conclave of career NATOads (no offense to legitimate amphibians: the NATOad is a pathetic species that spends its days croaking in defense of the indefensible, best epitomized by Madeline Albright) openly waxing nostalgic about the days they could bomb Yugoslavia to smithereens in the name of "saving" people from genocide and no one raised complaint one. We don't have to imagine - the Munich Security Conference has this "remembrance of atrocities past" as its theme. I wrote about it is here (also linked below with Friday's stories), but the report itself has to be read to be believed:

(now imagine 102 pages of this. moving on...)

February 10: Sacrifice your pets to Climate; Saint Greta slays EU dragon; China blamed for Equifax

**Targeting carnivorous pets' carbon pawprints sets the stage for a lonely green future, & that may be the point

**EU forced to triple-down on apology for dismissing kiddie climate cult as 'Greta syndrome'

US blames 2017 Equifax mega-hack on Chinese military in suspiciously-timed propaganda coup

February 11: Can't stop stop&frisk; COINTEL hates Wikileaks; DoJ gets Stoned

Trump pours gas on Bloomberg 2020 dumpster fire after audio leaked of mayor defending stop & frisk

Counterintelligence report goes full North Korea with attack on 'public disclosure organizations' aka Wikileaks

4 prosecutors jump ship after DoJ reverses course on draconian Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

February 12: Boycott? what boycott? failed fascist dictator Hillary; DNC's Trojan horse; economic collapse inches closer

Israel slams UNHRC's long-awaited report on businesses profiting from illegal occupation of West Bank/Golan Heights

Attempted Clinton dig at Trump backfires when Twitter points out 'failed-state fascists' better describes her

**Clinton-linked 'election security' firm teams up with Google to offer Trojan Horse 'security' to Dem campaigns

**1 in 3 Americans can't meet financial needs on paychecks alone, & our overconsumption-based economy is doomed

February 13: MSM to Venezuela: say "uncle!" Waters slams antisemitism smear merchants; liberals (accidentally?) shill for PragerU

**Guaido's uncle arrested for alleged C4 smuggling, but MSM echoes chutzpah-laden invoking of 'disappeared'

Antisemitism-smear purveyors are trying to distract from Israeli human rights abuses, says Roger Waters

Liberal comedian goes full Streisand Effect with attack on 'dangerous' propagandists PragerU

February 14: NATOads lament 'westlessness' but sounds good to me; feminism is the new patriarchy; coronavirus vs consumerism

**Blaming nationalism for West's demise absolves NATO's responsibility for trashing 'liberal democracy'

**Feminists claiming 'tradwives' are brainwashed 'like ISIS brides' have become the patriarchy they claimed to hate

Coronavirus threatens global commerce in unexpected ways