The internet is in peril, declares Tim Berners-Lee, the man who created the World Wide Web. Yet he has sold his soul to Google, Facebook, & the Wikimedia Foundation of all people to cook up this supposedly voluntary 'contract' to build a better internet, 'voluntary' in quotes because it quite openly admits it wants those who do not sign to be ostracized. Is it any coincidence that all three of the aforementioned companies have already violated multiple precepts of the Contract for the Web? Well, what's the use of being on the steering committee for such a project if you're not exempted from following any of the rules? 

November 25: Germany highlights Huawei hypocrisy; Trump in the garden of Good & Evil; no future for the internet

Germany reminds Huawei-hating US that NSA spying reveal didn't trigger a boycott of American tech

**Mock "Trump is the Chosen One" all you like, but save some derision for the "Trump is Pure Evil" crowd

Google and Facebook back new "Contract for the Web," take out contract on the web

November 26: Heretic Tucker; Palestine threatens to ditch appeasement; NSO vs Facebook: dueling scumbags; border bombing

Tucker Carlson talks Douma hoax on air & roots for Russia over Ukraine. Burn him at the stake!

Palestine's patience rapidly evaporating after US 'recognized' illegal Israeli West Bank settlements

Israeli spyware company sues Facebook for deplatforming its employees after spying on thousands through Whatsapp

Car bomb near Syrian border pinned on US-backed Kurds

November 27: Boeing's misfortunes continue; political prejudice wildly popular; Trump as "Rocky" triggers Twitter; US' endless wars are shamelessly derivative Hollywood sequels

Boeing covered up extent of damage in failed 777x stress test explosion

Political discrimination remains socially acceptable & leads to massive organizational groupthink

Trump as Rocky Balboa tweet spurs speculation & triggers #Resistance 

**Faux narrative, real deaths: US war stories are second-rate Hollywood sequel farming