The social media monopolies are realizing they've bitten off more than they can chew, and finally starting to choke - realizing they can't lick the government's boots and sweet-talk their users at the same time. If only the goons directing the US military could have a similar moment of truth.

October 21: Opioid crisis inevitable; we don't need no stinkin' sanctions; war pigs grunt; Romney's secret life

**Planned crisis? Opioid plague was the inevitable outcome of US for profit healthcare system

Turkey names banker convicted of dodging Iran sanctions to lead stock exchange

Pompeo warns Turkey it's next for Greater Kurdistan carve-up

Mitt Romney's depressingly pedestrian Twitter alter-ego, exposed 

October 22: Trapped in the closet; speech police go literal; race to the bottom; privatized terror blacklist mines tabloids

"Where's Lindsey?" McCain's mini-me falling down on the job

College students arrested for racial slurs in vulgar word game as campus wokesters cry for blood

Hundreds of old racehorses tortured & slaughtered monthly at Queensland abattoir

Over 3 million names on privatized risk list fed with unsubstantiated tabloid rumors & search results

October 23: Bitch ban reverses cause & effect; Libra fail tanks competitors; Snowden talks panopticon; Trump lusts for oil

**It's 1984, bitch! Banning 'sexist' language will not end sexism, but it's easier than changing society

Cryptos tank as Zuckerberg tries to defend Facebook Libra with China threat

Snowden reminds smartphone addicts they're bankrolling their own surveillance

Trump has finally 'secured' Syria's oil from all those pesky Syrians

October 24: Americans hate free speech; student loans fail; pot demands investigation of kettle; more excitement than Congress has seen in years

Most Americans are having second thoughts about the First Amendment

Student loan official quits Trump admin, calls for mass loan forgiveness

**US Senators demand investigation of TikTok, because only American platforms can meddle in politics

Nude photos of Democratic congresswoman smoking bong with 'Nazi' tattoo trigger bipartisan insanity

October 25: Russiagaters on a rampage; Twitter's digital class war; Soros declares all enemies dictators; liberals hate Facebook for wrong reasons

Tulsi Gabbard's shift to presidential campaign triggers #TulsiStein conspiracy theorists

**Twitter's ad troubles reveal a digital caste system set in stone

Soros dumps unprecedented cash into lobbying while smearing all his foes as (wannabe) dictators

**Rage over Breitbart's inclusion in Facebook News ignores that Facebook News itself is the problem