Trump, to his credit, has realized how much money the US can save by fighting its war with Iran solely in the media. Now let's pull the troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, & every country in Africa & see if we can do this other places. Worried about all the unemployed drones? They can find work with Amazon.

June 17: Apologies not accepted; anything you can hack, they can hack better

Kansas Keystone Kops shocked their 'snitch on your baby-daddy' Fathers' Day tweet gets no laughs

Cusack 'cancelled' in record time after sharing 'antisemitic' meme

Which would you rather fly: a pilotless Airbus, or a Boeing set to death-dive?

WikiLeaks Vault7 leaker too dangerous for gen pop, tried to lead "infowar" from prison, gov't says

June 18: SnitchCoin debut; Gen Z & millennials check out early; Clinton's emails still illegal; Trump cuts reality cord

Worst Idea Ever? Facebook Libra, the only 'crypto' that vanishes if owner wrongthinks

**'Deaths of despair' reach all-time high among Gen Z, millennials caught in American Nightmare

Republicans demand hearing on misconduct findings in Clinton emails

Trump one-ups Biden with promise to cure AIDS and cancer, plus go to Mars

June 19: Israel flexes (but 'muricans still fight its wars); Iran says no to spy drone, trolls; Amazon owns government

Israel shows off military American taxpayers bought it, but don't expect it to fight its own wars

Iran shoots down monster US surveillance drone

State Dept, media mum on @IranDisinfo troll, collaboration with FDD

Amazon to host dystopian new DHS surveillance database, combining face scans w/DNA & social links 

June 20: Cooler heads prevail over Iran? Collusion cultists; Pentagon behind Assange pursuit

Take this drone & shove it: Iran calls for emergency UN meeting over US spying

Republicans join House Dems in reminding Trump he needs Congress to declare war on Iran

DC theatre to host 11-hour marathon reading of Mueller report vol.2, because reality is for other people

Assange lawyer: Pentagon behind Assange witch hunt

June 21: Next false flag location announced; Trump plays benevolent; revenge of the nosy neighbor; DARPA winks

US contractors evacuating Balad air base in Iraq: next false flag here?

Trump belatedly realized killing 150 Iranians over an unmanned drone & triggering WW3 would be psychotic

Neighbor calls cops over Boris Johnson's plate-throwing fight with girlfriend

Amazon patents tech to convince delivery customers to pay for their own drone surveillance

DARPA takes credit for mysterious white orbs