the Great Deplatforming - social media's "ethnic cleansing" of alternative media accounts and commentators for violations of increasingly opaque prohibitions on "hate speech" - is part and parcel of a general trend toward pathologizing extreme emotions.

Hate is a very real and valid part of being human. i'm not referring to bigotry - hating an entire ethnic group, race or religion is lazy and ignorant - but properly-directed hate, against a person or group who has wronged you, can be a powerful motivating factor. Hate can actually inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and societies. Sometimes it is the only thing that can inspire people to act.

Hate is only one of several strong feelings Big Tech's ruling class puppeteers would like to see struck from our emotional vocabulary. Big Pharma has pathologized anxiety even as the media feeds us a steady stream of fear propaganda, ensuring we cannot react in a normal way to these stimuli. And don't forget sadness, which those same pharmaceutical interests have reclassified as depression and removed from what is often an instigating situational context so as to be more easily dispelled with a pill. Never mind that emptiness at the core of your life - just paper over it and put a smile on your face - after all, you live in the Best Country in the World [tm]!

Whatever you do, don't get angry at all this injustice wrapped in bullshit - anger is a big no-no. Never mind that venting your anger appropriately can be empowering, that rage can also be a powerful motivating force for change - better bottle it up and pretend all is well. 

Strong emotion is so 20th century. Emotions are part of what makes us human, but who really wants to be human anymore? Embrace the beige. #PodPeople2020 #indefenseofhate