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After decades of pushing its warped idea of "democracy" down the throat of woefully-outgunned third-world nations, the US is finally getting a taste of its own medicine. Last week's Iowa caucuses were so rigged they'd make the most corrupt of tin-pot dictators blush with shame, yet the US media establishment are forging ahead with the "worst mistake our democracy has ever seen" narrative rather than call out the most obvious and deliberate of frauds. This was not a mistake, any more than the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was an accident...

February 3: Election meddling for fun & profit; fear porn in more ways than one; yellow(bellied) journalism

Half of Israelis see Trump's 'Deal of the Century' as Bibi-boosting election meddling

YouTube bans election-related disinfo, deepfakes, & birtheresque conspiracy theories

Game developer offers China free porn game downloads in coronavirus-themed promo

BoJo comms director triggers press walkout with attempt to divide media into haves & have nots'

February 4: Russiagate psychosis; Buttigieg goes full Guaido (& the real thing still exists, too); Google wants your memories; Nancy the Ripper

'Putin's prostitute?!?' Tulsi supporters attacked, shunned, 'abused' at Iowa caucuses

Buttigieg has gone full Guaido with vote-free declaration of victory in Iowa caucus disaster

How long is 'interim', again? Trump spotlights Guaido in the one place he's still loved

**After belated breach confession, Google wants you to pay them to dig through your photos

Pelosi rips up Trump's SOTU speech, one-upping prior juvenilia

February 5: A crash course in Democracy: Resistance Fraud 101; Election Fraud 102; Media Fraud 103

**'Pelosi the Ripper' is more kayfabe theatrics from a sham #Resistance interested in nothing else

Democratic congresswoman (finally) blames Russia for Iowa debacle

**Twitter declares war on 'deceptive' content with loopholes large enough to swallow all dissent

February 6: Faith-based hypocrisy; PayPal slumming with sanctions; DNC demands recanvass as Sanders finally "wins"; zombie Monroe

Trump skewers religious hypocrisy in veiled snipe at Pelosi & Romney

PayPal freezes paychecks for Jewish magazine, citing sanctions, after publisher mentions Iran

DNC pumps the brakes with recanvass demand as Sanders poised for belated victory in Iowa

Sanders declares victory in Iowa, calls out media's mathematical vote-pretzeling

Lavrov scorns US efforts to revive zombie Monroe Doctrine in Venezuela

February 7: Veritas...or is it; CPAC wallows; Duterte kicks US to the curb; can #PetesBillionaires silence Twitter?

Project Veritas' O'Keefe accuses Twitter of pro-MSM prejudice

**CPAC hosts live-action reading of Strzok/Page texts, proving unhinged grudge-wallowing is bipartisan

Duterte targets US military's legal immunity, jeopardizing Philippine military drills

#PetesBillionaires getting itchy? Twitter takes a dive at suspicious moment


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Peace is war, under the Orwellian new plan to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict by definitively crushing the latter beneath the zio-fascist bootheel. Not that anyone expected any less - but setting one's expectations at rock bottom, one hopes not to be disappointed further. One would be wrong. The totalitarian blueprints put on ice following the bioterror panics ginned up in the wake of 9/11 are still lurking in the US legal system, just waiting for a WHO-declared pandemic to be summoned. Corona-chan, is that you?

January 27: Bolton's revenge; no free lunch for green card holders; never-Trumper tries to shame GOP

Bolton manuscript's quid-pro-quo claim inflames desperate Dems as impeachment limps on 

Supreme Court lifts restriction on implementing 'public charge' benefits test for immigrants

Never-Trumper launches hashtag campaign to shame GOP ahead of Trump removal vote

January 28: Dems prepare to lose in 2016 redux; 'Steal of the Century' underwhelms, horrifies

DNC unveils deja-vu convention staff featuring Podesta, other Hillary & Obama vets

Trump trips over al-Aqsa mosque, literally & figuratively, while unveiling peace-free 'peace plan'

"Jerusalem is not for sale": Palestine's Abbas scorns Trump 'peace plan'

US vassal-states embrace 'peace plan,' but independent actors don't - & neither does EU

January 29: NAFTA replaced; Warren demands moar censorship; media establishment hate Americans

Trump signs USMCA trade deal, fulfilling election pledge to replace NAFTA

Warren calls for criminalizing election disinfo, expanding social media censorship

**Media establishment mistakes its own dumbed-down content for demand from a dumb audience

January 30: coronavirus used to bludgeon China; Pentagon admits Iraq permission slip MIA; Republicans literal demons; & speaking of demons...

**Western media condemns China's 'authoritarian' response to coronavirus - but no response would be accepted

Pentagon admits Patriot batteries haven't been deployed due to lack of permission from Iraq

Nobel-winning New York Times economist calls Republicans 'actual demons,' zombies

Clinton dodges process server for Tulsi Gabbard defamation lawsuit...twice

January 31: Trump wants landmines Obama scorned; Soros puts contract out on Zuck; DNC opens debates to Bloomberg bucks

**Trump reverses Obama-era ban on landmines - not because he wants mines, but because Obama

Soros demands Zuckerberg's ouster from Facebook after promised regulation fails to materialize

DNC ditches donor threshold to accommodate billionaire Bloomberg on debate stage


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Are 34 'murican brain injuries, announced almost 3 weeks after the fact, going to be retroactively used as casus belli to bomb Iran when Trump's "deal of the century" shatters on the sharp rocks of reality after swan-diving off the collective ego of Trump, Bibi, & wanna-Bibi? Does a coronavirus-infected bat shit in the woods? i'm not one to say "i told you so" but i definitely called this whole pandemic thing. The wheels are coming off their propaganda juggernaut, so it's time for Operation Order Out of Chaos.

January 21: Pot to kettle: stop with your blackness; private health data goes public; Schiff tears a hole in the fabric of reality

Most unpopular popular vote winner in history slimes most popular 2020 senator as 'unlikeable,' 'divisive'

**Big Tech cashes in as your healthcare records go digital & your privacy goes bye-bye

Schiff & Cipollone clash over impeachment, what constitutes reality as Senate trial kicks off

January 22: Coronavirus coming to town; Tulsi sues Clinton; Trump defends (other) Clinton; FBI blocked iCloud encryption; #FreeGritty

Coronavirus confirmed in US as airports globally step up screenings

Tulsi sues Clinton for $50mn & demands jury trial over 'Russian asset' smear

Trump says Clinton shouldn't have been impeached as Starr joins his legal team

**FBI spiked Apple's plans to encrypt iCloud because it couldn't stand to part with easy access to your data

Internet rallies to defend Philly mascot 'Gritty' accused of punching season ticket holder's 13-year-old

January 23: Big Brother as third wheel; Iran slams US thuggery; no handshake for Pence; anchor babies aweigh!

Tinder debuts 'panic button' to let Big Brother tag along to your dates, because predators

Tehran condemns US threat against Soleimani's successor as 'governmental terrorism'

White House emphatically denies Prince Charles refused to shake Pence's hand

Trump admin cracks down on 'birth tourism,' setting sights on anchor baby industry

January 24: Coronavirus spreading; belated brain injuries; Sanders-fueled Dem meltdown continues; Germany hates the planet

Second US coronavirus case confirmed in Chicago

Pentagon admits 34 US troops received brain injuries in "no casualties" Iranian revenge strike

Thousands injured, 22 dead after 6.8 earthquake hits near Sivrice, Turkey

Sanders snags coveted Joe Rogan endorsement immediately declared 'problematic'

**Germany memory-holes 'climate hysteria,' creating legions of climate change "deniers" with a single click

January 25: Oxford nixes theme parties; Wolf of Wall Street dons sheep's clothing; Bibi & Gantz Go to Washington (but leave the Palestinians at home)

Oxford Student Union cracks down on themed parties lest the gender-ambiguous resent picking "vicar" or "tart"

Real-life Wolf of Wall Street 'shocked, shocked' to find criminality in firm that funded film with stolen Malaysian money

Netanyahu & Gantz head to DC to unveil 'deal of the century' with Trump - but no Palestinians

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Establishment gatekeepers have warned their charges: publish anything that harms a hair on ol' Sniffy McBloodyEye's head, and you'll be smeared as a Russian Collaborator, based on a hack that may never have happened, diagnosed by a company with connections to both the NSA and Russiagate mainstay Crowdstrike. Did we mention that this company, Area 1, is running cybersecurity for "about half of the major 2020 presidential candidates" and has also claimed - again, sans proof - it has blocked "attempts by foreign governments to break into campaigns' networks"? Why, between this con-job and the polls that show Sanders mopping the floor with both the Massachusetts senator who called him a liar on national TV and the senile old child-pawer who refuses to give up his dreams of being president despite being all but guaranteed a three-time-loser, it's almost like the Democratic establishment has already decided it will throw the 2020 election in order to pin its "loss" on Those Dastardly Russians. Instead of merely being pilloried on PropOrNot, journalists perceived as being "soft on Russia" - i.e. anti-war - will be doxxed on Mirotvorets and stalked (and worse) offline as the worst excesses of Ukraine's US-backed fascist regime come home to roost. 

January 13: Can we interest you in Fear; encryption causes terrorism; even France's lawyers have more of a clue than US; 23andMe pimps your genes

Democratic establishment soils its drawers as Sanders takes lead in polls - voters brace for fake "controversies"

Barr declares Pensacola shooting 'act of terrorism,' dismisses 21 Saudis, but still wants Apple's encryption

Lawyers back France's #GreveGenerale, ditching robes en masse to protest Macron pension cuts

**23andMe cashes in on customers' genetic data, but don't expect a cut - or your privacy back

January 14: Dueling makes a comeback; Microsoft in the head; establishment voices demand preemptive censorship; things falling out of the sky

Kansas man demands trial by combat in custody battle

Microsoft CEO brings down India's wrath with ham-handed CAA virtue-signaling

**Establishment goons use Burisma 'hack' report to preemptively quash all criticism of Biden links, corruption

Rockets land near coalition Camp Taji weeks after foreign soldiers told to leave Iraq

Dozens injured as Boeing 777 with mechanical problems dumps jet fuel on elementary schools outside LAX

January 15: Fake officer for a fake alliance; an encrypted phone walks into a Barr; dude where's my mortar; Facebook adds insult to injury

Oops: senior Swedish officer found faking after decades in sensitive military intel roles & NATO

**Apple trips over its privacy record in rush to oppose Barr's attack on encryption

3 arrested after Pearl Harbor guard smells pot, finds mortar

Facebook removes video recalling western media's past approval of Soleimani - & demonetizes page that posted it


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World War III looms on the horizon - the crisis seemingly averted this week may find a new life as the US wrings its hands over Iran admitting to accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian 737-800 with 176 people on board. It's not like the US hasn't shot down plenty of passenger planes in its time, including an Iranian flight with 290 people on board in 1988 for which it has never apologized. And Iran would be wise to investigate who might have been fiddling with their missile defense systems to give rise to this "human error." But the US has already pulled its MEK strings to unleash yet another tide of protesters on the Iranian streets & redirect them at regime change (Iranians have plenty of valid reasons to protest, but "bring back the Shah" isn't one of them), & is now sitting back with a Lockheed Martin-sponsored vat of popcorn. Americans cheering the protesters on would be wise to read Brookings' "Which Path to Persia" (or this) before making fools of themselves. 

January 6: Swinestein breeds hypocrisy; rockets' red scare; moar troops plz; CNBC says all Asians look alike

**Weinstein trial (& new LA charges) reveal Hollywood hypocrisy

US embassy in Jerusalem warns cloudy with a chance of rockets after Soleimani killing

Netanyahu rushes to distance Israel from Soleimani killing he'd been begging for for years

Pentagon sends reinforcements to Kenya base after al-Shabaab attack kills 3

Biased much? CNBC swaps Yang & Gabbard's faces with random Asian & departed candidate

January 7: AOC gets thought-policed; Canadians flee; camel slaughter; ex-Green Party pol turned Monsanto lobbyist; who's afraid of Goop?

AOC excoriated by pro-war trolls over wrongthink of 'liking' post by anti-war journalist

Canadian troops in Iraq retreat to Kuwait after Iraq orders all foreign troops out

Australian camel cull plans to kill 10,000 in the wake of over 1 billion animals lost in bushfires

**Bright young Green politician joins Bayer-Monsanto to tout environmental virtues of glyphosate

**Self-styled defenders of Science demand Goop be taken off Netflix - soon to be followed by all non-pharmaceutical health info

January 8: Cannibal eats Grindr date; crisis averted says Sadr; Hillary fans forget her Iran warmongering; ABC finally airs Epstein ep

Michigan cannibal who killed & ate part of Grindr date pleads insanity

'Crisis over,' Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr proclaims after Iranian missiles fail to produce US retaliation

Hillary voters insist she wouldn't have started war in Iran - though her history speaks differently

ABC quietly releases long-awaited Epstein special under cover of Iran war panic

January 9: More Epstein jail footage goes missing; Netflix ordered to pull 'gay Jesus' special; Iran calls out 'psychological warfare'; Facebook slammed for not sucking hard enough

Footage from first Epstein 'suicide attempt' was 'accidentally' deleted, prosecutors say

Brazilian judge orders Netflix to yank 'gay Jesus' comedy special

Iran slams 'psychological warfare' of evidence-free allegations it shot down UIA PS752

**Facebook's rare respect of users' intelligence triggers hail of criticism from pols who use 'media literacy' as cover for thought-policing

January 10: Crash site footage counters bulldozer claims; NATO speculates while Ukraine says stop; Russians blamed for Biden's failure; Microsoft has its ear on you

Footage of UIA PS752 crash site contradicts Bellingcat "bulldozer" claims

NATO's Stoltenberg says 'no reason not to believe' evidence-free claims Iran shot down Ukrainian Boeing

Ukraine calls for end to irresponsible speculation about crashed Boeing's fate, rules out terrorism

**Biden's primary flop blamed on "Russian disinformation" as Trump appears set for second term

Microsoft in damage-control mode after revelations unvetted Chinese contractors listen to Skype calls over open internet

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