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Nearly everything I wrote last week was about the coronavirus, but there are a few non-plague bright spots in there. Don't get used to it: we'll be talking of little else as the sniveling halfwits that run the US government dig out their oft-crumpled, sweat-stained police-state wishlists, gibbering and squealing at this latest Crisis which shall not be allowed to go to Waste. Please read my updated primer on what the coronavirus is (the original, from February, remains available on this site and here). A good measure to keep in mind when evaluating the firehose of new information that will be coming at you in the next few weeks is "who benefits?" If someone can profit off your panic, they probably are. If someone else can make you clamor for a police-state crackdown, they definitely are.

I also appeared on RT's CrossTalk on Tuesday (17 March) in their last show before corona-imposed quarantine takes them offline for a hopefully-brief pause...

March 9: Fat cats are getting fatter; shale fail wants a bail[out]; hand sanitizer made of prisoners' tears; most terrific epidemic ever; dollar doomed

Leaked 'Biden cabinet' is Obama's 'Citigroup cabinet' all over again, complete with Jamie Dimon at Treasury

Trump can't decide whether plummeting oil prices are good (cheap gas!) or bad (shale fail!)

Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo unveils new line of hand sanitizer made by NY convict slave labor 

Coronavirus is Trump's Katrina! Chernobyl! WMDs! MSM play 'disaster bingo,' Orange Man Bad edition

Markets nosedive in largest 1-day drop in NYSE history amid oil price war & worsening coronavirus epidemic

March 10: US democracy MIA; surveillance state is bipartisan; Biden jacks Big Tuesday; Yang Gang banged; CFR hoisted by own petard

'Big Tuesday' primaries bristle with voter suppression, but you weren't using your vote anyway

Bipartisan cooperation unicorn rears its head...for the benefit of the police state

Biden takes Mississippi and Missouri, leaves North Dakota scraps for Sanders

Media calls Michigan for Biden despite claiming hours before that mail-in ballot deluge would delay results

Andrew Yang infuriates fans with Biden endorsement 'because math'

Council on Foreign Relations cancels coronavirus-themed NYC conference...because coronavirus

March 11: Weinstein swined; bottle rockets over Baghdad; blame China part 2 the return of blame China; we lied, they died 

Weinstein gets 23 years for 2 sexual assaults, still faces LA charges 

Rockets hit Camp Taji, no casualties, says Iraq...

Trump admin blames China as broken healthcare system & CDC cockup doom US coronavirus response

US claims 3 killed in Camp Taji rocket strike, conveniently justifying long-desired Iraq reprisal

March 12: Boys (& their viruses) from Brazil; EU tossed on the blame-heap; China points the finger; Jupiter prizes PR over French lives

Bolsonaro aide who dined with Trump at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for coronavirus 3 days later

After months of foot-dragging on corona, Trump 'had to move fast' to ban EU travel - but well-behaved UK gets exempt

Chinese FM spokesman hints US brought coronavirus to Wuhan during 2019 Military Games

Macron shuts down schools but won't close borders because 'virus has no passport'

March 13: Iran knows whodunit; Trudeaun't got it; coronavirus perfect cover for election rigging; who's your Ma; peak Florida Man reached

Pompeo won't deny Ayatollah's accusation coronavirus was biological attack on Iran

Trudeau tells Canadians he's symptom-free despite self-quarantine with infected wife

**Coronavirus is perfect excuse for DNC elite to finish rigging the primaries - or cancel them altogether

Louisiana primary postponed 'because coronavirus'

**Jack Ma shows up vindictive corona-predatory US with medical supply gift as Washington bumbles

Florida almost-governor found intoxicated by cops in hotel room with male escort, meth 

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After the shocking degree of rigging present on Super Tuesday (& the Iowa caucuses, can't forget those), Americans would have to be drooling morons to think they have any say in the 2020 contest to choose which figurehead will be placed on the rapidly-sinking ship of state. The ruling class has a few tricks up their sleeves - convince the electorate the "other guys" are actually evil demons who must be defeated at the polling place, for example, and you can maybe increase turnout a bit - but half the country has caught on to the divide and conquer Ponzi scheme. Is this why Paul Singer, the man whom 'vulture investor' was coined to describe, is going after Twitter? Is he merely planning on moving it to Israel, where it will become more anti-boycott insurance, or is this the first step in transforming it into a full-on propaganda dissemination platform that will make future tweeters nostalgic for the hyper-censored dumpster fire it is today? What's that saying about "first they came for the anti-war commentators, and I did not speak out, because I was a simpering coward?" They're about to move quite a bit further up that pole (in the name of "stopping disinfo about coronavirus," among other things), and it's in everyone's interests to make some noise.

March 2: US shows China how 'free press' isn't free; coronavirus just another partisan issue; Citizen Snitch to the rescue!

US limits number of journalists Chinese state-run media can hire stateside

**Coronavirus swiftly weaponized as political bludgeon for 2020 race

Citizen snitch app crowdsources digital Stasi, turning wannabe-vigilantes into Little Brothers

March 3: Doomberg's last stand (& lick); Sanders beats rigging to bag California; Clinton says follow the rules

Actress slammed for Bloomberg endorsement, but plutes gonna plute

Bloomberg licks fingers & puts dirty pizza back in box in latest attempt to be 'relatable' amid COVID19 epidemic

Sanders wins California despite LA County voting shenanigans after suing to keep polls open

Clinton scales heights of hypocrisy telling Sanders to 'follow the rules' at convention...like she did in 2016

March 4: Doomberg out; MSM still hates China; Biden steals Maine; Sanders joins faux-Obama-endorsement club; Biden Bubble Go!

Bloomberg quits 2020 race after $500 million still can't buy him a primary win

**Western media still using coronavirus as an excuse to bash China while coveting authoritarian powers

Biden edges out Sanders for surprise win in Maine; cheating all but guaranteed

**Centrists shout 'JoeMentum' to drown out obvious mental decline, but how long can Biden Bubble last?

Sanders releases Florida ad implying Obama endorsement...just like other candidates

March 5: Warren out; piggies gonna pig; vultures come for Twitter; duck & cover; totally not a bioweapon; Facebook makes you dumb

Mission accomplished! Warren quits race after screwing Sanders' Super Tuesday chances

Gang of NYPD cops savagely beat unarmed black man for asking why he's being arrested

**Feared ziofascist vulture capitalist takes aim at Twitter with goal of ousting Dorsey

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone near Turkish embassy

Iranian diplomat who rose to prominence in hostage crisis dies of coronavirus

**Facebook's fact-checks make users more gullible, says study that recommends doing MORE of them

March 6: Trump finds corona's silver (& gold) lining; Congress slams greedy Boeing; Facebook bails after London office corona'ed

Trump signs $8.3bn emergency aid bill after rejoicing that virus has forced Americans to spend $ at home

House slams Boeing's 'culture of concealment' & greed that kept 737 MAX glitch under wraps at FAA

Facebook shutters London offices after Singaporean visitor diagnosed with coronavirus

**2 in 5 US college students see their political opponents as evil - so why vote for the lesser one?

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Americans in 14 states are voting today, so I'll make up for being a few days late with last week's stories by posting some predictions. Sanders, coming off three clear victories, will bag at least 4 states where his lead is too big to steal (Vermont, California, Colorado, Maine). However, the Democratic establishment has come prepared with vote-rigging software, & will hand as many states as it can get away with to Biden - these people are prepared to trash all pretense of 'democracy' in order to stop Sanders, as we saw in Iowa, & now that their vat-grown 'pandermonium special' has dropped out, it's Biden or Bust (or Bloomberg, who they'll take over Sanders but don't really trust). All of the votes Buttigieg was predicted to get will go to Biden, regardless of who the former Buttigieg supporters actually vote for, which will justify handing the states where Sanders' lead is small (Minnesota, Utah) to Biden, in addition to the southern states where his victory is supposed to be a foregone conclusion. A few delegates (& maybe Massachusetts) will go to Warren in order to toss her a bone & justify keeping her in the race to siphon more votes away from Sanders. Bloomberg has poured something like $1 billion into Super Tuesday, & having bought his last term he knows who to pay off to buy a phalanx of delegates (if not an entire state or 5 - his home state of Massachusetts, &/or Texas would be the most likely possibilities). Gabbard will probably drop out after this, unless she gets some delegates.

The US is stuck in a Groundhog Day time-loop crafted by its elites to keep its citizens stupid & scared, but that's nothing new - the technology is what makes it special. Clearview AI is most definitely not a private-sector corporation founded by a Silicon Valley cliché who before he resurfaced with an app that adds Trump's hair to photos hadn't been heard from in 5 years. Video about "That Hot Anon" coming soon.

February 24: Weinstein guilty; Greta meets her match; US hates journalism

Weinstein found guilty on lesser charges carrying 25 years - LA trial still to come

**Heartland Institute sponsors its own blonde European teenager for "climate realism"

US weighs throwing Chinese state media journalists out after Beijing boots 3 WSJ reporters

February 25: Roll over Orwell; mini PENTTBOM; Iger out; Pedo Island redux; Obama Lookalike Pageant 2020

Wikileaks editor, barred from Assange extradition hearing, says 'public' trial a sham

Arkansas man charged with trying to explode a car in Pentagon parking lot

Rumors swirl as Disney CEO Iger steps down

Nygard's Times Square office raided in founder's fourth sex trafficking probe

**The 2020 Democratic primary is an Obama lookalike contest & the voters are the losers

February 26: Who's the bigger troll: the Pope or Hoan Ton-That ("That Hot Anon")? Sanders ordered to time-travel

Pope trolls Catholics with 'quit trolling for Lent' advice

Dystopian facial recog Clearview AI hacked exactly as predicted by NYT feature last month

Dems dig up dead MSNBC reporter to smear Sanders as Russian asset

February 27: #BlackBookBloomberg; coronavirus latches on in Iran; media bellyflops for China's Duck Armies

Twitter working with Bloomberg campaign to suppress Epstein connection

Retired Iranian ambassador becomes highest-profile coronavirus death

Western media fails to quack-check "Chinese duck army battles Pakistani locust plague" clickbait-fest

February 28: Rapture Mike adds insult to injury; Idiocracy was nonfiction; blue-check blues; 50 years of red-baiting

Pompeo slimes Iran's response to coronavirus outbreak as sanctions choke hospitals

Nearly 2 in 5 Americans won't buy Corona beer amid unrelated viral epidemic

High schooler tricks Twitter into verifying fake Rhode Island Republican candidate for Congress

**"Russian collusion" smear has been deployed in almost every election since the Cold War began. Can we stop now?

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Even as the US continues to shove its warped brand of "democracy" down the throats of innocent people abroad, Americans at home are forced to consume the same lie as their tax dollars' foreign victims. Even the pretense of voter participation is rapidly evaporating, with one of the preeminent US Papers of Record™ publishing a straight-faced call for oligarchs to have more power to choose the Commander in Chief (joke's on them - oligarchs already have all the power!) only to quietly retitle it after a backlash they must have expected (somewhere on the sidelines a team of RAND Corp analysts was recording the various attributes of this Backlash: was it more prolonged than the backlash to Howard Schultz's plea for billionaires to be referred to as "people of means"? more intense than the backlash to Bret Stephens making the case for Ashkenazi IQ advantage while disproving his own thesis through his very existence? could it conceivably be blamed on Russian Bots without provoking a secondary backlash?). And through this, "Rapture Mike" Pompeo has the utter bacon-wrapped chutzpah to claim Iran's elections are undemocratic...

February 17: Uncivil liberties; Twitter jail vs. real jail; Nevada isn't Iowa...it hopes

**ACLU has gone from defending free speech to squelching it

Twitter mysteriously locks Wikileaks account ahead of Assange extradition hearings

**Nevada caucus volunteers warn repeat of Iowa fiasco imminent

February 18: Ethics? We don't need no stinking ethics! Money, sex, power edition

Massachusetts congressman (& ethics committee leader!) plundered campaign warchest for gambling debts

**Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy, but their doors remain open to predators & victims alike

**Bloomberg can run from Trump comparisons by declaring him "Bernie's new bro," but he can't hide

February 19: Oligarchy dies in darkness; pigeons in politics; fast food fictions

**Elites deserve more of a say in choosing the president, WaPo complains, with straight face

Pigeons in MAGA hats unleashed on downtown Las Vegas ahead of Democratic debate

**Burger King virtue-signals about what isn't in its food, while keeping quiet what still is

February 20: Even US apologists can't keep their narrative straight; deepfake hypocrisy; Russia invades Ireland

US military spokesman says 'terrorists' menacing Idlib, but media ignores him & keeps blaming Assad

Only Bloomberg is allowed to post doctored videos in a post-deepfake-crackdown social media world

**Russia is invading Ireland, cry Cold War fetishists milking earlier fake story

February 21: Foot in mouth fashion; Weinstein on the brink; zombie collusion; EU's transatlantic facial panopticon

**Armani likens sexy ads & fashion trends to rape, turning #MeToo into the season's least tasteful trend

Weinstein jury can't decide on most serious charges, but agreed on sex crimes carrying 25+ years

Clinton embraces Russian Collusion Revival Tour in wake of latest evidence-free allegations

**EU mulling interlinked network of facial recognition databases connected to US surveillance state

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Imagine a conclave of career NATOads (no offense to legitimate amphibians: the NATOad is a pathetic species that spends its days croaking in defense of the indefensible, best epitomized by Madeline Albright) openly waxing nostalgic about the days they could bomb Yugoslavia to smithereens in the name of "saving" people from genocide and no one raised complaint one. We don't have to imagine - the Munich Security Conference has this "remembrance of atrocities past" as its theme. I wrote about it is here (also linked below with Friday's stories), but the report itself has to be read to be believed:

(now imagine 102 pages of this. moving on...)

February 10: Sacrifice your pets to Climate; Saint Greta slays EU dragon; China blamed for Equifax

**Targeting carnivorous pets' carbon pawprints sets the stage for a lonely green future, & that may be the point

**EU forced to triple-down on apology for dismissing kiddie climate cult as 'Greta syndrome'

US blames 2017 Equifax mega-hack on Chinese military in suspiciously-timed propaganda coup

February 11: Can't stop stop&frisk; COINTEL hates Wikileaks; DoJ gets Stoned

Trump pours gas on Bloomberg 2020 dumpster fire after audio leaked of mayor defending stop & frisk

Counterintelligence report goes full North Korea with attack on 'public disclosure organizations' aka Wikileaks

4 prosecutors jump ship after DoJ reverses course on draconian Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

February 12: Boycott? what boycott? failed fascist dictator Hillary; DNC's Trojan horse; economic collapse inches closer

Israel slams UNHRC's long-awaited report on businesses profiting from illegal occupation of West Bank/Golan Heights

Attempted Clinton dig at Trump backfires when Twitter points out 'failed-state fascists' better describes her

**Clinton-linked 'election security' firm teams up with Google to offer Trojan Horse 'security' to Dem campaigns

**1 in 3 Americans can't meet financial needs on paychecks alone, & our overconsumption-based economy is doomed

February 13: MSM to Venezuela: say "uncle!" Waters slams antisemitism smear merchants; liberals (accidentally?) shill for PragerU

**Guaido's uncle arrested for alleged C4 smuggling, but MSM echoes chutzpah-laden invoking of 'disappeared'

Antisemitism-smear purveyors are trying to distract from Israeli human rights abuses, says Roger Waters

Liberal comedian goes full Streisand Effect with attack on 'dangerous' propagandists PragerU

February 14: NATOads lament 'westlessness' but sounds good to me; feminism is the new patriarchy; coronavirus vs consumerism

**Blaming nationalism for West's demise absolves NATO's responsibility for trashing 'liberal democracy'

**Feminists claiming 'tradwives' are brainwashed 'like ISIS brides' have become the patriarchy they claimed to hate

Coronavirus threatens global commerce in unexpected ways

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