Every time you fake a hate crime, someone in Indonesia finds a giant bee. So please, for the love of all things good and true in the world, stop faking hate crimes. It's unseemly. Also on the list of things to stop: faking popular uprisings to grab the oil of resource-rich nations (hi, Venezuela!), deceptively editing viral videos (even when the "victim" is someone who deserves it, like Diane Feinstein), collecting innocent people's DNA just in case they become enemies of the state, spending billions of dollars to put space-age lipstick on a corrupt & murderous pig.


February 18: The emperor has no clothes, but that won't stop him from trying to run your country

ACLU, SPLC & migrants' rights groups sue Trump over border 'emergency'

Trump warns Venezuelan military they're 'risking their lives' by not swearing fealty to his puppet

Grand Canyon exposed visitors to dangerous radiation levels, whistleblower says


February 19: Proof of Trump's collusion...with the Saudis; WaPo sued, Branson booed, & Arizona screwed

Trump admin conspired with Saudis to disseminate nuclear tech - collusion at last?

Covington kid sues WaPo for $250mn in defamation case

Roger Waters slams Richard Branson for virtue-signaling pro-regime-change Venezuela concert

Arizona rep proposes statewide DNA database - coming soon to the national stage

Space Force is go: Trump signs legislation to expand world's most bloated military


February 20: Fake CIA agent, fake hate crime, fake US citizen, real kiddie porn ring; can't we all just get along?

National Guardsman fakes CIA identity to impress girl

Jussie Smollett indicted for faking own MAGAlynching

Trump says no to homesick ISIS bride

Advertisers jump ship as YouTube pedo ring exposed

Ron Paul begs for cooler heads to prevail as Russia despairs of US' 'locked door' to peace


February 21: Super brains, super bees, justice un-served

Chinese gene-edited babies may have mental superpowers, trigger designer-baby arms race

Researchers find 'extinct' giant bee species in Indonesia

Mossad honeypot Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal was illegal, judge finds after 11 years

Roger Stone gagged after 'threatening' Instagram post

Japanese Hayabusa2 probe 'shoots' asteroid to find clues to origin of life on Earth


February 22: So you've been publicly shamed! Feinstein hates kids & Facebook loves Nazis

Sunrise Movement deploys climate change kids to shame Feinstein into endorsing Green New Deal-esque action

Facebook caught targeting ad audiences with Nazi keywords - again

Elon Musk on PewDiePie's Meme Review breaks internet

Trump names Kelly Craft UN ambassador after Nauert pulls out