Two plus two equals five. Believe otherwise, and face the consequences. As the lies get more tawdry, the penalties for disbelief increase. Truth is stranger than fiction, but fiction won't keep you warm in the middle of a polar vortex, and you can't date Stalin. or can you


Jan 28: Privacy is dead, Bolton drops a hint, justice unserved

Google ad tracking violates GDPR (and common decency), new docs reveal

US expat leaks thousands of Singaporeans' HIV statuses

Bolton hints '5000 troops' at Colombian border in pantomime of early dementia

4 cops shot in Houston "narcotics" raid [+ a followup (not written by me) from Free Thought Project]

Palin spawn released from halfway house


Jan 29: NY politics kills, disgusts; Texas GOP trips over its own virtue signaling

Mother dies in subway stair fall, Cuomo whines while starving MTA

Disgraced NY AG paid for sex abuse defense out of campaign fund

Texas GOP blames "leftism" for "holocaust"

US approves China-menacing missile system sale to Japan

Canada postpones Huawei CFO extradition


Jan 30: When corporations, government, and media unite behind the same lies, we can safely call it fascism

CNN force-feeds audience Kamala Harris' popularity but trips over reality 

Max Boot goes full White Man's Burden, thinks of mideast ForeverWar more like Manifest Destiny

Energy Dept sneaks half-ton of weapons-grade plutonium into Nevada

Airbus claims hack totally didn't affect airline safety, before investigating hack

21-car pileup in upstate NY as polar vortex descends

8-alarm fire at NJ paper factory menaces nearby residences

Jury awards Rand Paul almost $600K in neighbor-attack suit


Jan 31: Cold day in hell: Who Would Stalin Date, John of God's baby farms, obstruction of jaws-tice

Swipe right on Stalin: what if the Soviet dictator used Tinder?

Brazilian faith healer John of God ran "baby farms" of sex slaves, says activist

Jaws-tice served? Man bites dog - and FBI agent

After meeting with spy chiefs, Trump eats his criticism of "threat assessment"

Polar vortex causes chaos across Midwest


Feb 1: Sit down, shut up, & believe our lies, OR ELSE

DNA testing company gives FBI access to million-plus user database

Judge to Roger Stone: shut up! Trump adviser threatened with gag order

Snopes & AP to stop fact-checking for Facebook, but continue ominous 'partnership'

NY attorney general declares fake social media influence peddling illegal

Watch on radar moment meteor hits Cuba