Earth's magnetic pole is racing away from North America at five times the speed it moved 25 years ago. It doesn't take much to guess why.


January 7: To kill or be killed by pigs

Belgium bans ritual slaughter: triumph of state (& animals) over church or xenophobia?

Cop fired after shooting "aggressive" chihuahua on camera

Dinosaur-killing asteroid caused mile-high tsunami

Uber driver "possessed" by app pleads guilty to 6 murders


January 8: True love, or marriages of convenience, between man, machine, & vegetable

Forget flying cars, here's one that...walks?

How Americans learned to stop worrying & love Big Brother

Doorbell-licking man arrested for love that dare not speak its name

DNA warrant served on male staff at facility where comatose woman gave birth


January 9: Money is a weapon. Never forget it

Most Americans don't know when - or if - they'll pay down their debts

Yellow Vests planning bank run to collapse French financial system

Scientists pick up deep-space repeating radio bursts: knock knock, who's there?

Coast Guard to furloughed employees: have a garage sale! babysit! file for bankruptcy!


January 10: Breeding ourselves out of existence, but wouldn't you? Even the magnetic pole doesn't want anything to do with us

American birthrates at 30-year low, far below replacement rate

The Amazing Michael Cohen, dancing bear of the Resistance

Almost 300 cases of Norovirus send cruise ship back to port - to be filled with a new crop of victims

Cops in Canada can breathalyze you anywhere, even at home, under insane new law

Why is Earth's magnetic pole running away from us? 


January 11: Tulsi 2020 & the world's most punchable face

Twitter melts down over Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 candidacy

Attention whore whores for attention by proclaiming he'll be gay for a month

Girl wrecks car while attempting 'Bird Box challenge' on highway