Reality is an ugly place, but whenever we try to take a vacation, they close the borders. Last week's news, today, with time off for good behavior:


Nov 19: "Screw you!" "Who?" "EVERYBODY."

Democrats revolt against inevitable Pelosi

Dueling boycotts: Airbnb vs West Bank settlements

The biggest bang, reattempted

Creepy Porn Lawyer hit with restraining order 

US shops plans to tar Venezuela as 'terror sponsor'


Nov 20: Lettuce Prey; you(r genitalia) are not safe here

CDC continues to push lettuce-E.coli link as favor to Big Beef

Obama gets his cult-leader on

Chinese cops bust condom recycling & counterfeiting op

McDonalds manager to black kids: drop dead

What's wrong with a little clitoridectomy, says judge


Nov 21: Unaccountable corporations leak your data, evict you, then lie about it

Amazon starts shopping season right with creepy breach email

WalMart evicts Camp Fire victims, because compassion hurts profits

Facebook exec issues tone-deaf Soros mea culpa to shield Zuckerborg

Trump takes credit for gas price drop that wasn't


Nov 24: Spacebugs & super-secret diplomacy

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, on MY space station?

Declassified docs reveal attempted Korean peace talks