Many of the 'predictions' or foreshadowings made here & in a few election-week videos have played out in the post-election disaster - from the destruction of ballots, to the establishment circling the wagons around Biden, to the ramp-up of divide-and-conquer rhetoric, to Wisconsin going blue under extremely dodgy circumstances, to magical ballots riding to the rescue like dead-tree cavalry with an ideological grudge. Not that these predictions required a rocket scientist to make - most watch the ruling class without rose-tinted binoculars will be able to see they're telegraphing their moves in such an exaggerated fashion it's almost confusinglTrump is presumably relieved that he didn't win but worried about being prosecuted by Kamala "lock 'em all up especially if they're black & poor but maybe we'll make an exception for the Bad Orange Man" Harris [longest nickname ever? I'm not even getting started...], while Biden is probably feeling a bit of dread in the pit of his stomach knowing his days are numbered before he sprouts an aneurysm, falls down the stairs, or develops a fast-acting cancer [as the country's own days are numbered before someone slips up & admits we're broke, so mired in debt our red ink is larger than that of most other countries put together, & that the suicidal lockdown plus four years of ruinous divide & conquer propaganda has utterly destroyed the soul of this nation - admittedly already on life support]. Whatever happens, this country is doomed, even if the media's self-fulfilling prophecies about post-election violence don't materialize (is there anything more ignominious than going to war with your neighbor over which ruling class pig did a better job of stealing your faux-democratic vote? srsly).

October 26: Conflict of interest 101; parents defend reality; dropout vs doctor; burn ballot burn

Amazon squirms onto Brexit policy panel to make financially remunerative deals for itself

Parents defend UK girls' school headmaster for historically-accurate lesson on Black History Month

Dropout sociopath Gates attacks credentialed doctor for not backing killer lockdown

Boston man arrested for ballot box arson - the second in a week

October 27: Billionaires 4 Biden; cocks 4 cops; punishment 4 pigs (but not for real crimes)

**Billionaires flock to Biden as candidate breaks spending records on election ads

Philippines police commander killed by fighting cock while breaking up sporting event

NYPD shows off double-standard by punishing Trump-supporting cop while Eric Garner's killer kept his job for years

October 28: 'Refrigerator axis' latest divide/conquer line; Biden victory will inflame woke tantrums; mask up stab down

NYTimes pours gas on politically divisive bonfire with inane "Trump vs Biden refrigerators" quiz

**A Biden win might temporarily silence BLM & other anti-Trump protesters, but it will make the issues they rail against worse

Chicago sisters stab security guard 27 times over 'mask up' request

October 29: TrumpBucks jacked; Nice throat-slitter nabbed; snitches get rewards UK edition

Wisconsin Republicans claim hackers stole $2.3 million from Trump campaign reelection account

Police capture Nice church knife attacker in hail of bullets after he slits throats of three

Merseyside police chastise Brits for disdaining snitches & not doing 'civic duty' in ratting out lockdown-violating neighbors

October 30: All about perspective; institutionalized child abuse; 'never again' my ass; too little too late

Trump brags about best GDP growth ever - after corona shutdown creates worst GDP drop ever

**Lockdowns & other Covid-19 rules are creating a generation of functionally-autistic, emotionally crippled children

Thuringia provincial PM smears anti-lockdown protesters as 'terrorists' plotting 'pogroms'

Jill Stein wins right to examine voting machine source code from 2016 - but too late to affect 2020