The wildly disproportionate lockdowns underway in Australia and New Zealand right now are everything I've been warning about and more, and you'd think given the current (well, decades-long) vogue for holocaust porn they'd want to lay off the nazi-esque optics. In New Zealand, your entire family can be kidnapped and taken to a "quarantine facility" (a Quoncentration Quamp, perhaps?) on the mere suspicion of having the deadly OMFGVIRUS if you either test positive (on tests known to be wildly inaccurate) or refuse to be tested. Officials have quietly acknowledged they may need to hold people there for months. All this because of a few dozen "cases" - again, as measured by wildly inaccurate tests that may themselves be contaminated with the virus. In Australia, where just a few hundred people have died with (not of) the virus in six months, the entire city of Melbourne is banned from straying more than 3 miles from their homes, or leaving at all after 8pm, or engaging in most forms of exercise, or visiting friends and family. The number of jobs lost under these Kafkaesque restrictions is expected to double, while the number of suicides, which long since exceeded Covid-19 deaths on the continent, is no longer mentioned in the media at all. 

This should be front-page news all over the world. But no, we're supposed to care that ziofascist-owned scumbag A is gaining on ziofascist-owned scumbag B in the polls, rat our professors out for failing to sufficiently subsume their studies into the social-justice Megagrift that has our culture by the throat, and ignore all those reports of millions of Europeans flooding the streets to protest lockdowns. Expect this on American shores in a month or two, probably less if there's minimal pushback from the Kiwis.

Speaking of terrorism, I weighed in on US/Israeli sponsorship of anti-Iran terror groups on PressTV:

In most cases, if an armed nutjob expresses a desire to kill people, he's locked up and/or forcibly medicated. But when the people he desires to kill are Iranians, Uncle Shlomo will buy him more weapons and maybe even point out a few choice targets. No way could a system like that be abused!

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