Compulsive rule-followers who've spent their lives appeasing the thought police at establishment media organizations are nevertheless finding themselves on the outs for not obeying enthusiastically enough (the political equivalent of "I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion"), and everyone from the New York Times to Pierre Omidyar's controlled-oppo Intercept are conducting ideological purges with such speed and ferocity their victims are still halfway through their prepared pre-pandered apology when the door hits them in the ass. Certainly, after a lifetime of bending the knee, refusing to apologize for the final perceived transgression wouldn't have saved any of them, but it should serve as a lesson to any writers still on staff: why not tell the truth, if you're going to be punished either way? 

(Will it? Of course not. Infused with renewed ideological vigor, the remaining rank and file will put on displays of enthusiasm as they file the latest installment of "We have always been at war with EastAsia," making sure the boss sees them skip from the coffeemaker to the computer - because remember we're still working from home - and submit to regular spot-checks of their email correspondence to make sure they aren't saying anything that could be perceived as offensive by the professional offense-takers the ADL has sent to the office to monitor for signs of Implicit Bias™)

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June 9: WHO's afraid of coronavirus; looters gonna loot; community policing is a trap; voting is also a trap

WHO does damage control after letting slip asymptomatic patients rarely transmit Covid-19

Chicago looters brazenly brag on Facebook as authorities drag feet & shrug shoulders

**It's a trap! Community policing puts a new face on the same old ruling class tyranny

Georgia vows probe into primary dysfunction after catastrophic voting mishaps 

June 10: Reform or die trying; US #1 at something (spoiler alert: not religious freedom); CHAZ demands mockery

Minneapolis police chief scrambles to reform department as council vows to defund

US Covid-19 cases top 2 million as states begin to ease lockdowns amid massive protests

Pompeo extols US exceptionalism after reporter exposes Hong Kong hypocrisy

**Seattle commune's deliberately absurd demands designed to divide & distract

June 11: Warlord says war is over; racism redefined; putting a band-aid on racism; CHAZ gets eviction notice

Post-revolutionary blues: CHAZ's warlord learns the pitfalls of trying to keep order

**Run out of racists to demonize? Redefine your terms! Merriam-Webster cucks to outrage addicts

Band-Aid debuts five new flesh tones - never mind clear bandage they already had

Trump threatens to evict CHAZ 'ugly anarchists' if Durkan & Inslee won't