Grim Reaper Fauci is cheerleading for an expensive new drug developed by the same profiteers who brought the world "pre-exposure prophylaxis" for HIV. Keen observers might recall that the first time Fauci got his claws in on the ground floor of drug development, thousands of asymptomatic or mildly-symptomatic HIV patients died due to AZT treatment - indeed, since Fauci took over NIAID, US life expectancy has actually fallen for the first time in the country's history. But never mind that - let's let him use us as guinea pigs some more. It's the patriotic thing to do.

April 27: Memory hole yawns; NY can't pay rent or vote; dirt saves lives

**Incriminating Larry King Live episode featuring Tara Reade's mom gets memory-holed

NYC tenants' groups demand rent amnesty in 1-million-strong strike

New York cancels Democratic primary after Bernie booted from ballot

Dirt plays key role in blood-clotting, study says

April 28: Big Tech beats Big Brother; Pentagon pimps UFOs; Spain bleaches the beach; Cuomo wants your elders dead

Big Tech muscles out Big Brother in contact-trace race as senator demands criminal probe of Amazon

Pentagon's confirmation of UFO videos raises suspicions as to what they're distracting from

'Best of intentions' becomes new 'just following orders' as Spanish mayor apologizes for bleaching beach

Cuomo admits Covid-19 devastates nursing homes, but won't lift must-admit order

April 29: Everyone hates Amash; Google Meat-market; Moore bites the green thumb that feeds

Justin Amash's Libertarian Party candidacy unites #Resistance & #MAGA in hate

Google Meet goes freeware to challenge Zoom as survey reveals 3/5 Americans won't take the app

**Michael Moore finds his spine but loses his 'Big Climate' friends

April 30: Still hating Cuba after all these years; 'muricans are broke; NASA moons the taxpayer; boys will be old men

Cuba demands answers after assault-rifle-wielding man arrested in embassy shooting

1 in 7 Americans wouldn't seek Covid-19 care because $, but expensive drug touted as savior anyway

Boeing snubbed in lunar lander contract handout as Project Artemis deadlines loom

'Biden is Biden,' Pelosi warbles as Democrats' 'feminist' mask dissolves off their faces

May 1: Biden bombs; can't pay won't pay; no guns for you; Gilead cashes in

**Biden fumbles Morning Joe interview, hinting at incriminating evidence in U of Delaware archives

New Yorkers march on Albany & unfurl banners off bridges as rent strike begins on May Day

Trudeau outlaws 1,500 types of gun following world's dodgiest mass shooting (this year)

AZT redux? Remdesivir gets emergency approval after lukewarm clinical test results