Americans in 14 states are voting today, so I'll make up for being a few days late with last week's stories by posting some predictions. Sanders, coming off three clear victories, will bag at least 4 states where his lead is too big to steal (Vermont, California, Colorado, Maine). However, the Democratic establishment has come prepared with vote-rigging software, & will hand as many states as it can get away with to Biden - these people are prepared to trash all pretense of 'democracy' in order to stop Sanders, as we saw in Iowa, & now that their vat-grown 'pandermonium special' has dropped out, it's Biden or Bust (or Bloomberg, who they'll take over Sanders but don't really trust). All of the votes Buttigieg was predicted to get will go to Biden, regardless of who the former Buttigieg supporters actually vote for, which will justify handing the states where Sanders' lead is small (Minnesota, Utah) to Biden, in addition to the southern states where his victory is supposed to be a foregone conclusion. A few delegates (& maybe Massachusetts) will go to Warren in order to toss her a bone & justify keeping her in the race to siphon more votes away from Sanders. Bloomberg has poured something like $1 billion into Super Tuesday, & having bought his last term he knows who to pay off to buy a phalanx of delegates (if not an entire state or 5 - his home state of Massachusetts, &/or Texas would be the most likely possibilities). Gabbard will probably drop out after this, unless she gets some delegates.

The US is stuck in a Groundhog Day time-loop crafted by its elites to keep its citizens stupid & scared, but that's nothing new - the technology is what makes it special. Clearview AI is most definitely not a private-sector corporation founded by a Silicon Valley cliché who before he resurfaced with an app that adds Trump's hair to photos hadn't been heard from in 5 years. Video about "That Hot Anon" coming soon.

February 24: Weinstein guilty; Greta meets her match; US hates journalism

Weinstein found guilty on lesser charges carrying 25 years - LA trial still to come

**Heartland Institute sponsors its own blonde European teenager for "climate realism"

US weighs throwing Chinese state media journalists out after Beijing boots 3 WSJ reporters

February 25: Roll over Orwell; mini PENTTBOM; Iger out; Pedo Island redux; Obama Lookalike Pageant 2020

Wikileaks editor, barred from Assange extradition hearing, says 'public' trial a sham

Arkansas man charged with trying to explode a car in Pentagon parking lot

Rumors swirl as Disney CEO Iger steps down

Nygard's Times Square office raided in founder's fourth sex trafficking probe

**The 2020 Democratic primary is an Obama lookalike contest & the voters are the losers

February 26: Who's the bigger troll: the Pope or Hoan Ton-That ("That Hot Anon")? Sanders ordered to time-travel

Pope trolls Catholics with 'quit trolling for Lent' advice

Dystopian facial recog Clearview AI hacked exactly as predicted by NYT feature last month

Dems dig up dead MSNBC reporter to smear Sanders as Russian asset

February 27: #BlackBookBloomberg; coronavirus latches on in Iran; media bellyflops for China's Duck Armies

Twitter working with Bloomberg campaign to suppress Epstein connection

Retired Iranian ambassador becomes highest-profile coronavirus death

Western media fails to quack-check "Chinese duck army battles Pakistani locust plague" clickbait-fest

February 28: Rapture Mike adds insult to injury; Idiocracy was nonfiction; blue-check blues; 50 years of red-baiting

Pompeo slimes Iran's response to coronavirus outbreak as sanctions choke hospitals

Nearly 2 in 5 Americans won't buy Corona beer amid unrelated viral epidemic

High schooler tricks Twitter into verifying fake Rhode Island Republican candidate for Congress

**"Russian collusion" smear has been deployed in almost every election since the Cold War began. Can we stop now?