After decades of pushing its warped idea of "democracy" down the throat of woefully-outgunned third-world nations, the US is finally getting a taste of its own medicine. Last week's Iowa caucuses were so rigged they'd make the most corrupt of tin-pot dictators blush with shame, yet the US media establishment are forging ahead with the "worst mistake our democracy has ever seen" narrative rather than call out the most obvious and deliberate of frauds. This was not a mistake, any more than the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was an accident...

February 3: Election meddling for fun & profit; fear porn in more ways than one; yellow(bellied) journalism

Half of Israelis see Trump's 'Deal of the Century' as Bibi-boosting election meddling

YouTube bans election-related disinfo, deepfakes, & birtheresque conspiracy theories

Game developer offers China free porn game downloads in coronavirus-themed promo

BoJo comms director triggers press walkout with attempt to divide media into haves & have nots'

February 4: Russiagate psychosis; Buttigieg goes full Guaido (& the real thing still exists, too); Google wants your memories; Nancy the Ripper

'Putin's prostitute?!?' Tulsi supporters attacked, shunned, 'abused' at Iowa caucuses

Buttigieg has gone full Guaido with vote-free declaration of victory in Iowa caucus disaster

How long is 'interim', again? Trump spotlights Guaido in the one place he's still loved

**After belated breach confession, Google wants you to pay them to dig through your photos

Pelosi rips up Trump's SOTU speech, one-upping prior juvenilia

February 5: A crash course in Democracy: Resistance Fraud 101; Election Fraud 102; Media Fraud 103

**'Pelosi the Ripper' is more kayfabe theatrics from a sham #Resistance interested in nothing else

Democratic congresswoman (finally) blames Russia for Iowa debacle

**Twitter declares war on 'deceptive' content with loopholes large enough to swallow all dissent

February 6: Faith-based hypocrisy; PayPal slumming with sanctions; DNC demands recanvass as Sanders finally "wins"; zombie Monroe

Trump skewers religious hypocrisy in veiled snipe at Pelosi & Romney

PayPal freezes paychecks for Jewish magazine, citing sanctions, after publisher mentions Iran

DNC pumps the brakes with recanvass demand as Sanders poised for belated victory in Iowa

Sanders declares victory in Iowa, calls out media's mathematical vote-pretzeling

Lavrov scorns US efforts to revive zombie Monroe Doctrine in Venezuela

February 7: Veritas...or is it; CPAC wallows; Duterte kicks US to the curb; can #PetesBillionaires silence Twitter?

Project Veritas' O'Keefe accuses Twitter of pro-MSM prejudice

**CPAC hosts live-action reading of Strzok/Page texts, proving unhinged grudge-wallowing is bipartisan

Duterte targets US military's legal immunity, jeopardizing Philippine military drills

#PetesBillionaires getting itchy? Twitter takes a dive at suspicious moment