Are 34 'murican brain injuries, announced almost 3 weeks after the fact, going to be retroactively used as casus belli to bomb Iran when Trump's "deal of the century" shatters on the sharp rocks of reality after swan-diving off the collective ego of Trump, Bibi, & wanna-Bibi? Does a coronavirus-infected bat shit in the woods? i'm not one to say "i told you so" but i definitely called this whole pandemic thing. The wheels are coming off their propaganda juggernaut, so it's time for Operation Order Out of Chaos.

January 21: Pot to kettle: stop with your blackness; private health data goes public; Schiff tears a hole in the fabric of reality

Most unpopular popular vote winner in history slimes most popular 2020 senator as 'unlikeable,' 'divisive'

**Big Tech cashes in as your healthcare records go digital & your privacy goes bye-bye

Schiff & Cipollone clash over impeachment, what constitutes reality as Senate trial kicks off

January 22: Coronavirus coming to town; Tulsi sues Clinton; Trump defends (other) Clinton; FBI blocked iCloud encryption; #FreeGritty

Coronavirus confirmed in US as airports globally step up screenings

Tulsi sues Clinton for $50mn & demands jury trial over 'Russian asset' smear

Trump says Clinton shouldn't have been impeached as Starr joins his legal team

**FBI spiked Apple's plans to encrypt iCloud because it couldn't stand to part with easy access to your data

Internet rallies to defend Philly mascot 'Gritty' accused of punching season ticket holder's 13-year-old

January 23: Big Brother as third wheel; Iran slams US thuggery; no handshake for Pence; anchor babies aweigh!

Tinder debuts 'panic button' to let Big Brother tag along to your dates, because predators

Tehran condemns US threat against Soleimani's successor as 'governmental terrorism'

White House emphatically denies Prince Charles refused to shake Pence's hand

Trump admin cracks down on 'birth tourism,' setting sights on anchor baby industry

January 24: Coronavirus spreading; belated brain injuries; Sanders-fueled Dem meltdown continues; Germany hates the planet

Second US coronavirus case confirmed in Chicago

Pentagon admits 34 US troops received brain injuries in "no casualties" Iranian revenge strike

Thousands injured, 22 dead after 6.8 earthquake hits near Sivrice, Turkey

Sanders snags coveted Joe Rogan endorsement immediately declared 'problematic'

**Germany memory-holes 'climate hysteria,' creating legions of climate change "deniers" with a single click

January 25: Oxford nixes theme parties; Wolf of Wall Street dons sheep's clothing; Bibi & Gantz Go to Washington (but leave the Palestinians at home)

Oxford Student Union cracks down on themed parties lest the gender-ambiguous resent picking "vicar" or "tart"

Real-life Wolf of Wall Street 'shocked, shocked' to find criminality in firm that funded film with stolen Malaysian money

Netanyahu & Gantz head to DC to unveil 'deal of the century' with Trump - but no Palestinians