World War III looms on the horizon - the crisis seemingly averted this week may find a new life as the US wrings its hands over Iran admitting to accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian 737-800 with 176 people on board. It's not like the US hasn't shot down plenty of passenger planes in its time, including an Iranian flight with 290 people on board in 1988 for which it has never apologized. And Iran would be wise to investigate who might have been fiddling with their missile defense systems to give rise to this "human error." But the US has already pulled its MEK strings to unleash yet another tide of protesters on the Iranian streets & redirect them at regime change (Iranians have plenty of valid reasons to protest, but "bring back the Shah" isn't one of them), & is now sitting back with a Lockheed Martin-sponsored vat of popcorn. Americans cheering the protesters on would be wise to read Brookings' "Which Path to Persia" (or this) before making fools of themselves. 

January 6: Swinestein breeds hypocrisy; rockets' red scare; moar troops plz; CNBC says all Asians look alike

**Weinstein trial (& new LA charges) reveal Hollywood hypocrisy

US embassy in Jerusalem warns cloudy with a chance of rockets after Soleimani killing

Netanyahu rushes to distance Israel from Soleimani killing he'd been begging for for years

Pentagon sends reinforcements to Kenya base after al-Shabaab attack kills 3

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January 7: AOC gets thought-policed; Canadians flee; camel slaughter; ex-Green Party pol turned Monsanto lobbyist; who's afraid of Goop?

AOC excoriated by pro-war trolls over wrongthink of 'liking' post by anti-war journalist

Canadian troops in Iraq retreat to Kuwait after Iraq orders all foreign troops out

Australian camel cull plans to kill 10,000 in the wake of over 1 billion animals lost in bushfires

**Bright young Green politician joins Bayer-Monsanto to tout environmental virtues of glyphosate

**Self-styled defenders of Science demand Goop be taken off Netflix - soon to be followed by all non-pharmaceutical health info

January 8: Cannibal eats Grindr date; crisis averted says Sadr; Hillary fans forget her Iran warmongering; ABC finally airs Epstein ep

Michigan cannibal who killed & ate part of Grindr date pleads insanity

'Crisis over,' Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr proclaims after Iranian missiles fail to produce US retaliation

Hillary voters insist she wouldn't have started war in Iran - though her history speaks differently

ABC quietly releases long-awaited Epstein special under cover of Iran war panic

January 9: More Epstein jail footage goes missing; Netflix ordered to pull 'gay Jesus' special; Iran calls out 'psychological warfare'; Facebook slammed for not sucking hard enough

Footage from first Epstein 'suicide attempt' was 'accidentally' deleted, prosecutors say

Brazilian judge orders Netflix to yank 'gay Jesus' comedy special

Iran slams 'psychological warfare' of evidence-free allegations it shot down UIA PS752

**Facebook's rare respect of users' intelligence triggers hail of criticism from pols who use 'media literacy' as cover for thought-policing

January 10: Crash site footage counters bulldozer claims; NATO speculates while Ukraine says stop; Russians blamed for Biden's failure; Microsoft has its ear on you

Footage of UIA PS752 crash site contradicts Bellingcat "bulldozer" claims

NATO's Stoltenberg says 'no reason not to believe' evidence-free claims Iran shot down Ukrainian Boeing

Ukraine calls for end to irresponsible speculation about crashed Boeing's fate, rules out terrorism

**Biden's primary flop blamed on "Russian disinformation" as Trump appears set for second term

Microsoft in damage-control mode after revelations unvetted Chinese contractors listen to Skype calls over open internet