2020 is shaping up to be a dumpster fire of epic proportions - in just 4 days, we have entered World War III at the hands of either criminal blundering or Oscar-level acting. Netanyahu, of course, needs a war to keep him out of jail, while Trump has been told a war will get the Democrats off his back - as if they aren't already doing a good enough job sabotaging their own impeachment trial and Trump needs help putting them in their place. No one wants a war, of course - Soleimani's murder came gift-wrapped in lies, and no less than Pence the Dense is now pinning everything up to and including 9/11 (!) on the dead bogeyman - but even if Iran does not take the bait and strike back, Israel will happily play Iran's role in the false flag drama to come.

December 23: Bushfire catfight; Russophobia is no laughing matter; Giuliani un-Jews Soros 

Morrison slaps down Greta Thunberg's criticism of his (mis)handling of Australian bushfire crisis

Twitter censors journalist for parroting Russia-hater's impeachment testimony...that remained uncensored

Dodging predictable antisemitism label, Giuliani insists he's more Jewish than George Soros

December 27: Smoke pot, get away with murder; predictable rockets; don't bribe the Taliban

License to kill Jews? Chief rabbi slams France for exonerating pot-smoking killer

Rocket attack on coalition base kills 1 US contractor, injures several in Kirkuk

Lawsuit charges US contractors bribed Taliban to save on security; Taliban used $ to fund terror attacks on less-generous competitors

December 30: Biden's foot-in-mouth flareup; good guy with gun slays narrative; Little Women big problems

Biden wants all fossil fuel execs in jail if they don't obey his climate change plans...including his son?

Trained marksman (& newly-minted law) saved Texas church by downing convicted felon shooter with one to the head

**Woke critics savaging Little Women for its 'white privilege' have rendered their profession irrelevant by substituting inclusivity for quality

December 31: Green Zone reinforced; Kim wants attitude adjustment; Pentagon asking for Black Mirror drone-swarm nightmare

Pentagon sends reinforcements to Iraq after Green Zone siege

North Korea reconsiders self-imposed ban on nuke tests, blaming US gangsterism & drills with the South

**Pentagon wants AI-enabled drone swarms for 'search & rescue' - how long 'til they turn to search & destroy?

January 1: The old Palestinian laborer trick again; Kurz & Greens triumphant; US intel can't predict the nose in front of its face

Israeli settler youths arrested for attacking police disguised as Palestinian laborers

Sebastian Kurz set to return to power as deal with Austria's Greens announced

**US intel agencies predicted the world of 2020 in 2004, then scurried to fulfill their own prophecies. How'd they do?

January 2: Reheated Iraq War leftovers; gone & long since forgotten; so i herd u liek war criminalz; 'civic sparring' joins euphemism pantheon

Esper warns Iran that even a rumor of 'provocations' to come will trigger preemptive strike

'Only Latino candidate' Castro exits still-crowded 2020 Democratic field. "Who?"

Queen's University, Belfast names Hillary Clinton chancellor...alas, she's not moving there

**NBC slammed for 'civic sparring' euphemism, but how else to describe a desperate effort to prop up 'Diversity is our strength' narrative?

January 3: Cremated creatures mourned; don't panic, but we're all gonna die; dude where's my Koran; revenge porn'd's revenge; killer robots just want to help

Close to half a billion animals dead in Australia's bushfires set to get even worse as record number evacuated

The only thing to fear is...everything!!! de Blasio warns New Yorkers all bets are off as city braces for Iranian revenge for Soleimani killing

French prosecutors say no evidence Villejuif stabber who yelled 'Allahu akhbar' was radicalized...after finding his Koran & religious items near scene

GirlsDoPorn operators must pay $12.8 million to women conned into appearing in online porn vids, face federal sex trafficking charges

**Pentagon will unveil killer robots as a way to save American lives during war. Don't fall for it