It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell where politics ends & religion begins - & where satire ends & social movement begins. But when your cult is based on a doctrine rejected from politics for not meeting even the lowest factual standards, or your social movement is born out of a satire in which you didn't realize you were the joke, it might be time to find something else to do with your life. But hey, this is 'murica, land of opportunity: just don't try to take any, it's all been reserved for people with more money than you.

December 16: Pop goes the hateblimp; the next big thing in Fear

Whoopi Goldberg tells Meghan McCain to shut up, embodying the will of all Americans

Man arrested after 4-hour shootout-standoff with Columbus cops

**"Russian-influenced racist trolls" taking over Instagram as DFRL worries neither epithet terrifies alone

December 17: Don't say the g-word; actors do politics; mad Maxine defends doctrine; Mormons' apocalypse stash exposed

Trump admin won't budge on Armenian genocide terminology despite unified Congress

**Don't encourage celebrities by indulging their political virtue-signaling - unless you want President Cusack

**Greta Thunberg biopic shows the cameras have been rolling from day one of her climate strike

Maxine Waters admits the facts aren't on her side, but clings to Russiagate doctrine anyway

Mormon Church hoarding $100bn against Second Coming, says IRS whistleblower

December 18: Demons 4 Kidz; Manafort spared double jeopardy; Hariri bounces; Pelosi panders with purple-prosed Pledge

Exorcists on the warpath about 'demon summoning for kids' book

NY judge dismisses state charges against Manafort, citing double jeopardy

Hariri backs out of Lebanese PM election as protests threaten to derail talks

Pelosi opens impeachment debate with pandering pantomime of patriotism

3 stabbed, 1 killed at at Beaverton Wells Fargo

December 19: Rowling treads on trans toes; Alexa wants a seat at the Christmas table; Pelosi stalls as impeachment not so peachy

JK Rowling eviscerated by fans after sticking up for woman fired over biological view of sex

**Amazon Alexa can 'change the subject' if talk gets too hot over Christmas dinner - pass the potatoes, CIA

Pelosi's foot-dragging handing impeachment to Senate enrages Republicans eager to spike the case

December 20: Trump typos titillate; taking offense keeps 'muricans feeling virtuous; Trump & Pelosi play nice over SOTU

Trump fumes over 'Christianity Today' op-ed (or 'ET'), triggering 'smocking-hot' social media meltdown

**PC thought police would rather feed the trolls than admit their own racism

Trump & Pelosi make nice over SOTU as supporters cheer for inevitable backstab