Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the desert...it's Weapons of Mass Destruction Part II: Son of Weapons of Mass Destruction! Brought to you by Cheney Studios, a division of You've Been NeoConned, itself a subsidiary of ZioFascism Inc. Now with more carnage, in case you forgot God Is A Real Estate Agent.

December 9: Epstein didn't kill himself, and Crossfire Hurricane was flagrantly illegal

'Epstien didn't kill himself' performance artist one-ups banana eater at Art Basel Miami

IG report reveals Russiagate probe was fraudulent from the start - and Brennan lied about it


December 10: Religion as politics; we have always been losing the war in Afghanistan; Saudi flyers grounded

**'Caged nativity' is the perfect Christmas display for a politics that tolerates no heresy

**Cheney warns War on Terror must continue as even WaPo admits it's been a losing battle all along

Saudi aviation students grounded after Pensacola shooting


December 11: Your genes are not your own; Black Hebrew Israelites strike again; actor vs anchor in battle of the loathsome, UK edition

GEDMatch bought by forensic DNA company, feeding 60% of white Americans' genes to FBI

Jersey City shooters linked to Black Hebrew Israelites

UK election jitters stoke ongoing feud between Piers Morgan and Hugh Grant


December 12: Jersey City shooting blame game: terrorism? white supremacy? The Jews™?

Jersey City shooting being investigated as act of terrorism against Jews...and cops

Jersey City shooting blamed on white supremacy, even though alleged shooters were black


December 13: Bye-bye tariffs; Kurdistan ain't so Great after all; Bernie endorses & un-endorses Young Turk

US to remove China tariffs 'phase by phase' as China cancels US tax hikes

**Greater Kurdistan? What Greater Kurdistan? Esper dashes Kurds' hopes of state in Syria

Sanders endorses & un-endorses Uygur for Congress in under a day as sexist comments come back to bite him