John Bolton, the human embodiment of ziofascist war psychosis, has been shown the door from the Trump administration. But there are more where that came from, and we'd be wise to hold off on celebrating until his replacement is named. Will "Rapture Mike" Pompeo get the Kissinger treatment, assuming the National Security Advisor title in addition to Secretary of State? Will he bring over Netanyahu if he loses his election this week? Promote Jared Kushner? However bad things are, they can always get worse (Bolton's trajectory is much more predictable - he's launched himself back into fundraising to stack Congress with even more rabid Zionist warmongers - no candidates with souls need apply).

September 9: Bolt from the blue; bringing Big Brother home; rewarding failure; who wants to be offended?

Air Force One nearly struck by lightning, to predictable #Resistance glee

Google Nest Hub, a playdate with Big Brother, brings facial recognition surveillance home

Theresa May gives disgraced ambassador lordship as parting shot at Trump

Northern Ireland vs Germany football match trends on Twitter in mass premature offense-taking

September 10: Newspapers beg for salvation; Bolton gets the boot; Area 51 unstormed; Palestinians <3 apartheid; surveillance state shamed

Newspapers lobby Congress to save their dying business model from Big Tech

Bolton's departure will give Trump space to adopt noninterventionist policies, says Ron Paul

'Storm Area 51' organizer shuts down replacement Alienstock festival

Gantz channels South African apartheid apologists with claim that Palestinians love occupation

Discovery of faulty cellphone location software exonerates dozens, forcing review of 10,000+ cases

September 11: US determined to regime-change Venezuela; SCOTUS upholds asylum ban; tariffs suspended; eternal Hillary; Pompeo's Kissinger fantasy

US invokes mutual defense treaty with Guaido's goons against Venezuela

Supreme Court allows asylum restrictions to go into effect

New China tariffs? J/K! Trump postpones latest trade war salvo

Scene of the crime: Hillary Clinton stops by Venice art show to read her notorious emails

Is Pompeo poised to take over Bolton's role a la Henry Kissinger?

September 12: Table scraps for 9/11 victims; UN to US: stop with the war crimes already; Yang buys votes, Biden buys the farm (almost)

Justice Dept declassifies single name in 9/11 report while admitting they're hiding much more

UN slams US war crimes in Syria & indiscriminate targeting of civilians

Andrew Yang announces 'Freedom Dividend' lottery, bc buying votes is totally legal

Biden clings to Obama's record, shielding it from troublesome facts

September 13: Mozilla wants moar Youtube censorship; Bolton wants your cash; Sacklers want their drug money; California wants vaccines

Mozilla solicits stories of YouTube radicalization, seeking even more censorship

Bolton reverts to type, fundraising to prop up Congress' most bloodthirsty neocons

Sacklers hiding opioid profits as lawsuits threaten their gravy train

"Anti-vax" provocateur throws "blood" on California legislators after draconian vaccine bill passed