Those who prop up the status quo are rewarded with more money than most countries. Those who violate it are surveilled, sanctioned, savaged with the full force of the American (& allied) police state. But rather than split society between the haves & have nots - a division which would leave the haves at a distinct numerical disadvantage - they split it along hoary old identity-politics lines, keeping us at each others' throats while they suck us dry.

August 26: Police state on overdrive; opioid wrist-slap; Israel's war on everyone; Brazil's sick (Amazon) burn

NJ police adopt Carbyne911-style phone-hijacking tool - for citizens' own good, of course

Johnson & Johnson fined .7% of yearly revenue for causing opioid crisis

Lebanon & Iraq condemn Israeli 'declaration of war' after it bombs 3 countries in 24 hours

Brazil scoffs at Amazon fire aid with Macron-directed Notre Dame barb 

August 27: Migrants riot; being Palestinian is illegal in US; YouTube embraces fascism; NYTimes clutches hypocritical pearls

African migrants attack Mexican police as protests demanding US entry turn violent

Palestinian Harvard student deported over Facebook posts his friends made

YouTube CEO pretends to embrace controversial content while cracking down on UK creators

**NYTimes shocked that conservatives are using their culture-war smear tactics against them

August 28: Ding dong doom; Trump trolls Democrats; Ukraine in the membrane

Amazon's Ring doorbells send data to 400 police departments & residents can't stop them

Trump trolls Democrats as bland Gillibrand drops out of 2020 race

#Resistance goes nuts & claims immigration policy tweak deprives military offspring of citizenship

Trump freezes military aid to Ukraine as it's reviewed for 'best interests' of US

August 29: Lost in space; pumpkin spice psyops; the picture of (hurricane) Dorian Gray; kamikaze debt bonds

Trump unveils US Space Command, fingers crossed for Space Force

CIA tweets pumpkin spice latté photo celebrating surveillance, internet pukes

Hurricane Dorian menaces Florida, Georgia

Antique pre-PRC debt bonds: the next big thing in US-China trade war?

August 30: TSA in trouble; pot calls kettle fat; illegal alien gets away with murder; revenge sanctions piled on

Philadelphia court rules TSA can be sued for abusive searches

Ultra-svelte Trump doesn't like being photographed with daughter Tiffany because he thinks she's fat

California court throws out Kate Steinle's killer's gun conviction

US Treasury sanctions Adrian Darya as Iranian tanker changes course for Lebanon

**Harvard got rich propping up the status quo. Dude, where's my meritocracy?