The Black Mirror episode where swarms of robot bees are weaponized against a crowd-sourced death-threat vote winner is now, theoretically, possible (we have the drone bees, #deathto has trended on Twitter multiple times, & Facebook is now rolling out the red carpet for death-threats against wrongthinkers). 
July 8: Fake news, fake war, fake medicine; happiest place on Earth gets pissed

Facebook programs tracked spread of rumors & wrongthink about Facebook 

Pentagon solicits proposals for virtual reality nuclear war simulators

Judge blocks order forcing Big Pharma to reveal drug prices

Toontown Beatdown: family brawl at Disneyland as security MIA

July 9: Whitewashing Epstein; Black Mirror goes live; how to lose friends & alienate diasporas

Wikipedia, Google busily cover up Epstein-Clinton connection after arrest

Facebook OK's death threats to 'dangerous individuals'

The Mooch says Darroch leak was 'political hit job' by UK Foreign Office

Israeli education minister calls assimilation 'second holocaust'

July 10: "Antisemitism" mission creep keeps creeping; a very expensive mistake; spatial profiling

Cartoonist censored from White House social media censorship summit over 'antisemitic' Soros cartoon

Labour calls out hatchet-job BBC program fearmongering about 'antisemitism' in the Party

Armored truck spews cash onto Georgia highway; cops threaten newly wealthy

Arianespace Vega rocket crashes into ocean with UAE spy satellite payload

Japanese Hayabusa2 probe touches down on Ryugu asteroid to probe solar system's history

July 11: Census uncensored; 'our troops' say support us outta here; water is wet; Facebook tests Area 51's sense of humor

Trump eschews census citizenship question in favor of multi-agency info dump

Most vets think 'War on Terror' a bust, poll says

Google AI Assistant eavesdropping even when it's not supposed to - anyone surprised?

Hundreds of thousands of alien enthusiasts click 'going' on Facebook 'storm Area 51' event

July 12: Lion King gets the 'woke' treatment; Facebook gets the 'joke' treatment; AOC gets the 'yolk' treatment [as in egg, on her face /clever]

**Lion King is kiddie Triumph of the Will, says uberwoke WaPo

Facebook whacked with $5bn slap on the wrist over violating FTC privacy decree

AOC self-owns in attempt to shame former ICE director over 'family separation policy'