Today (March 20th) is a worldwide day of protest against the OMFGVIRUS World Order. Wherever you live, chances are there is a demonstration going on somewhere nearby, an opportunity for you to make your disgust with the public mass mental castration program known as the Lockdown Bootlickers Auxiliary known. Yes, I know, protests don't accomplish much vis-a-vis the ruling class predators they were once designed to influence, but after a year of enforced OMFGVIRUS cult dogma, I would argue the purpose of this demonstration is more to remind us - the dissidents, the not-particularly-silent majority - that we have the numbers they spend your money insisting are on their side. Have a look at the ratings on CNN or MSNBC or even Fox sometime. These are not numbers that reflect a population marching in lockstep with the approved thought-scripts of its leaders. 


Find your balls/ovaries/whatever other body part you use as shorthand for "guts", snap in that spine, and let's get to work dismantling this bullshit cult of control. Time is running short.


March 1: Cyber whores for cyber wars; Cuomo weasels out again

Cyberwar is imminent & will kill us all, says CEO who 'discovered' SolarWinds hack

NY AG cleared to move ahead in Cuomo harassment probe - but not nursing home serial killing

March 2: Club(hous)ing baby seals; aesthetic jogger police; Newsweek hates Whitey; Texas re-embraces humanity

Ill-advised meeting of minds on 'wokeism' descends into struggle session & demands for reparations

Piers Morgan fails to grasp point of exercise in panel scolding OMFGVIRUS-spreading joggers

Newsweek eats its words after fact-check claiming whites are only partially responsible for racism

Texas ditches mask mandate & OMFGVIRUS dictatorship; cultists demand its return

March 3: Google goes full Dubya, 'won't get fooled again'; US unable to do anything but immiserate its people

Google promises to ditch 3rd-party cookie-based advertising & forsake similar snooping

**Be the shithole country you wish to see in the world? US chokes down all-you-can-eat karma buffet

March 4: Cuomo is vermin; academia closing ranks against diversity of thought; climate pimps hate you (& the planet)

Cuomo bootlickers are stuck to epic tar baby - not just a serial killer, but a sex pest too

Survey says academic intolerance of dissent is on the rise - 2 in 5 won't hire a Trump supporter

**Lock down every 2 years or the planet gets it: Guardian says the quiet part out loud

March 8: SCOTUS throws in the towel; Yellen yellin' about inequality she caused; snitch kids lied, Paty died

Supreme Court throws out Trump's last election challenge against state of Wisconsin

Ex-Fed head Janet Yellen belatedly discovers income inequality, pleads for relief to women

Student who snitched on Samuel Paty for showing obscene Prophet cartoon wasn't even in class that day 

March 10: Guns for me (& my bodyguards), but not for thee; Brooklyn Dad bought & paid for; reverse Robin Hooding

**Hypocrisy blossoms as 'defund the police' Democrats demand the 'other side' be completely disarmed

Not-so-defiant Twitter troll 'Brooklyn dad' revealed to be well-paid Democratic operative

Congress passes sprawling $1.9bn Covid-19 relief bill, redefining pork & waste for future generations 

March 11: Markle my words, this isn't the last we've seen this waste of skin

**Is Meghan Markle's turbocharged entitlement tour a hint she's plotting a 2024 presidential run?