"Ah, 'murica, good to the last drop!" the parasite sighs as it wipes its proboscis. Every empire has an expiration date, and American foreign policy seems bent on moving its own forward. Can we pencil it in for next week? Brunch, nuclear holocaust, tennis? Never again, until the next time!


April 22: Mars attacks, junkies invade, Kim meets Putin, plane meets ground

Democratic candidate promises extraterrestrial diplomacy, terrestrial wars

Starbucks outfits bathrooms with needle disposal boxes. Opium den: ur doin it wrong

Kim Jong-un announces upcoming meeting with Putin

Small plane disappears after takeoff in NC, later found crashed


April 23: Hillary & House Dems cling to obstruction; Boy Scouts cling to anonymity; media clings to "it was ISIS" narrative in Sri Lanka

Hillary hypes 'roadmap to indictment' in crushingly ironic appearance

House Dems complain Trump is obstructing their obstruction probes

Boy Scouts have 'perversion list' of 7,800 pedophiles, lawyer says

Death toll climbs to 359 in Sri Lanka Easter bombings

NZ's Ardern claims no connection between Sri Lanka and Christchurch attacks


April 24: Facebook expects record $5 billion FTC fine; activists defend Venezuelan embassy; Iran to Trump: beware of false flag

Facebook warns investors of expected $5 billion fine in Q1 earnings report

Activists occupy Venezuelan embassy in DC as diplomats kicked out of country

Javad Zarif warns Trump against Netanyahu-Pompeo-Bolton "B-team" plotting false flag


April 25: Wikipedia founder named to NewsGuard board; Wikileaks gets paid; NY probes Facebook infosuck; AOC confuses friend & foe, but EU doesn't

**Wikipedia founder named to NewsGuard board, rendering satire obsolete

Icelandic court rules Valitor must pay Wikileaks for banking block

New York investigating Facebook over mass email slurping

AOC mocks 'old white Republican' who turns out to be House Dem colleague

Juncker won't ban Chinese tech from EU's 5G


April 26: Biden can't wait til term 2; Buttigieg returns dirty money; Texas upholds 1st Amendment; Sri Lankan 'militants' killed in raid were kids

Biden confident of his youth through second term despite not winning first

Buttigieg returns lobbyist cash after raking in huge piles

Texas judge blocks anti-BDS law, putting First Amendment over Israel for first time in US history

15 bodies incl 6 kids found in suspected 'militant' hideout in Sri Lanka