The OMFGVIRUS myth is cracking as even the CDC now acknowledges the death rate for Covid-19 is orders of magnitude lower than the apocalyptic future they once predicted for the nation. Unfortunately, it's too late - Americans have become quivering fear-addicts, desperate for their fix, devolving into semi-human pod people who literally screech and point, Invasion-of-the-Body-Snatchers-style, at the unmasked. The virus is disappearing from the UK so fast they don't know if they'll be able to rush what's sure to be an appallingly toxic vaccine to market - quel dommage!  - but that’s OK, there will always be a government ready & willing to use perfectly healthy populations as guinea pigs for the disturbing experiments of the pharmaceutical companies that fill their campaign coffers. It’s one big happy circle-jerk, & you’re not invited, except when it comes time to start forcibly penetrating people. With needles, you pervert, who do you think they are, Alan Dershowitz?

May 18: You’re with us or you’re with the virus; eeevil ChiComs; pod people run wild; have some moar fear

Democrat-linked group blames anti-lockdown protesters for virus' spread after tracking their phones

**'Made in China' increasingly unpopular as Trump puffs up China trade war

**Social distancing innovations ensure 'new normal' will be anything but

US Covid-19 death toll cracks 90,000 (let's pretend comorbidities don't exist, shall we?)

May 19: Reverse Robin Hood says what? Cuomo kills Grandma; entrapment extravaganza

JPMorgan CEO preemptively dodges the guillotine with phony show of caring about inequality

Cuomo holds NY healthcare system hostage, stepping up demands for federal bailout $

Declassified memo sheds light on Comey's 'no-suspicion' pursuit of Flynn 

May 20: American opportunism run amok; pigs, fish, & bears, oh my!

Covid-19 robocalls push lockdown-addled Americans over the edge - after stealing $13.4mn of their money

Defense Intelligence Agency pours cold water on Pompeo's claim Iran opposes Afghan peace

PETA stages bizarre, hypocritical in-game protest of fishing in Nintendo's Animal Crossing

PragerU relegated to 'reduced visibility' on Facebook after mythbusting polar bear video

May 21: Feminist misogyny; Joe Drool; FBI has a hammer; Americans don’t trust Fox Henhouse Guards Inc

**Disingenuous "feminist" attacks on Lana Del Rey prove her right better than she ever could

Trump 'destroys anything he touches,' says a slurring, subdued Biden

Corpus Christi naval air station shooting linked to terrorism by FBI

Americans' trust in Covid-19 vaccine sinks as more comprehend unsafe timetable & political points

May 22: Virtue-signal to victory; grab ‘em & jab ‘em; see plane crash; lockdowns kill 

**UC system ditches standardized tests in lawsuit dodge masquerading as grasp at ‘woke’ cred

UK judges rule state can vaccinate foster kids against their parents’ wishes

CCTV video shows PIA plane that crashed in Karachi explode

**We’ve known for weeks that lockdown suicides would outnumber Covid-19 deaths. Why was it ignored?